Google My Business: How to Optimise Your Business Page for SEO

Google's Guidelines
Google's Guidelines

Great, I’ve Been Verified; what Next?

Once you have registered your Google Business Profile, you need to know how to get the best out of it. With ‘local SEO’  being the industry buzzword of 2022, competition for local recognition is vast, so now is the time to look at Canberra local SEO services

To get the best from local SEO – the next stage is:

  • Optimise
  • Optimise
  • Optimise

In that order! 

This means looking at the development of your profile; this must include as much information as possible. The more detail included the more chance you have of standing out from others within your sector or niche.

In this article, we will run through the most vital factors to optimise your business listing to get it showing up on searches where it should. 

Let’s start at the beginning.

Up-to-Date Information

Inconsistent or inaccurate details will cost you in today’s online marketplace. Once you have initiated your Google Business Profile, you must ensure all the information is accurate, uniform and up-to-date. Remember, this doesn’t apply only to Google. This also applies to all your social media platforms; please ensure there are no discrepancies. 

  • Business Address
  • Opening Hours
  • Phone Numbers
  • Social Media Links
  • Delivery Radius
  • Shipping Interstate or International

For your information, a vital aspect of your Google Business Profile is what Google refers to as ‘NAP’.  


  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number

It sounds simple, but if it is not uniformed across all your platforms, then your ‘Nap Consistency’ is not there. Everywhere you have a presence online, it has to be identical. So be sure to check all your platforms and bring everything into line. 

Adding a Business Description

When people are searching for relatable keywords, they need to understand clearly what you do.  

So, a clear outline of your services and/or products is essential. Using your core keyword and writing with a spark can differentiate you from others in your local area. 

As an example:

If you own an Italian restaurant in Canberra, you could write ‘Family-owned Italian Restaurant and Bar, authentic Italian Food in Canberra’. 

Here is a link showcasing Google’s Guidelines. On this link, you will find helpful information to assist you in writing an assertive business description and help Google index your pages accordingly to get the most attention.

Adding Photos and Videos to Enhance Engagement

Google will allow you to include photos and images to enhance your profile, and you must take advantage of this. 

It is an opportunity for people to see your business from the inside, having maybe never stepped into your bricks-and-mortar shop before. 

So as always, your profile photo is the first impression anyone will have, so that needs to be a premium photo (not like the example above) and something relevant and represents you.

Additional pictures of staff and happy customers are always a bonus, along with any branding you may have.  

There is a video-posting function available. But unlike what you could add to your website, the limit here is 30-seconds, must have a resolution of 720p, or the file be less than 100MB. 

Here lies an opportunity to showcase a more personalised side of your business that someone may not get to see. This can significantly influence people’s decision to contact you, purchase online or come and visit your store. 

Also read Mangaowl for interesting information

Encourage Reviews and Respond

Consumers reading online reviews have become almost certain before they go ahead and buy anything online or visit a physical store after viewing a webpage.  

Reviews, whether 5-star or not, are momentum builders as far as SEO is concerned.  

Google wants engagement, so encourage your customers to go online and give reviews. Even if it is not a great review, it gives you the option to answer that review. 

This can be seen as many potential customers that you care about your customers, are hands-on, and they won’t just be dealing with a chatbot but an actual business owner.  

Google wants you to ask your old, existing and future customers to write reviews.  

Online success today is measured more by trust than by many other factors. 

Throughout the global pandemic, businesses that kept their potential and existing customers fully informed about their services, whether positive or negative, have hit the ground running since economies have opened up.  

Before the pandemic, people chose to shop at mega malls far out of their cities, towns or suburbs, but many local businesses were the difference between many households getting what they needed during that worrying time; communities have not forgotten it.


The dynamics of online users have changed dramatically over the past two years. We have seen seismic changes in behavioural patterns of online users. Businesses with an online presence who never thought their local market could be effective need to re-consider as this is the buzzword around the digital marketing industry. Look for a local SEO company like Outreach.Solutions

to give you the assistance you need in this competitive market. Good luck!


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