What is the uniqueness of the Aquaguard water purifier?


Water conditions across India are not the same. Water quality changes due to TDS levels and new age contaminants such as pesticides, arsenic, and lead. These harmful chemicals can be purified only with the help of a unique quality water purification system. 

Aquaguard is an Indian multinational consumer goods company servicing the market since 1982. Aquaguard provides water purification devices, vacuum cleaners, air purification systems, and a modern water purification system. 

Features of Aquaguard water purifier

The essential features of the Aquaguard water purifier are as follows-

  1. It ensures that every drop of water is pure and safe, just like boiled water. 
  2. You can install this Aquaguard on the cabinet door, flush with the walls or mount it on the wall to suit your space and style.
  3. There are automatic switches off the UV lamp of the water purifier if it does not work for 10 minutes.
  4. It has an intelligent purity sensor. An intelligent purity sensor system scans water to give 100% healthy water. With proper Aquaguard service Delhi you can get an accessible servicing facility.
  5. Electronically authenticated cartridges that deliver healthy water. An intelligent purity system ensures the delivery of safe and pure water. It can sense the UV rays on the sensor and stop the function of the UV falls.

Advantages of Aquaguard water purifier

The significant benefits of the Aquaguard water purifier are as follows-

  1. Aquaguard, with advanced purification technology and great aesthetics, delivers optimum purification for your drinking water and compliments your kitchen.
  2. Its RO technology removes new age contaminants like lead and mercury, and UV e-boiling technology makes the water safe as the pure water boiled for 20 minutes.
  3. The taste adjuster always provides sweet-tasting water irrespective of the water source.
  4. The patented active copper zinc booster technology instantly infuses copper and zinc ions into the water, making it healthier for consumption.

Maintenance of RO Water Purifier

An RO water purifier’s Maintenance is not an easy task. It is essential to follow the proper system for RO water purifiers. The cost of the RO water purifier stands between Rs 2000 to Rs 6000 per year, which includes the cost of replacement of the RO membrane, other pre-filters and post-filters, UV lamp, and the labour cost. 

The RO water purifier’s maintenance is essential for replacing the sediment filter, carbon filter, RO membrane, labour charge, and UV lamp. The sediment and carbon filters cost around Rs 500 each and require replacement every six months. The RO membrane requires replacement yearly, costing between Rs 2000 and Rs 3000. 

Buying Process RO Water Purifier

When you decide to buy a water purifier, you should consider the following factors such as follows-

  1. Loss of minerals- RO purification process results in a loss of essential minerals necessary for the human body. Rational customers should check the product details to minimise the monetary loss.
  2. Maintenance cost- RO is a sound-quality water purifier system. Try to buy good quality RO system for the minimum annual maintenance cost. 
  3. Purification process- Top RO purifiers have multiple filtration processes. Many purifiers combine essential features of RO, UV, UF, and control in a single system. The higher number of stages of filtration will make the water purer. 
  4. Some RO systems have auto flush timers to ensure continuous purification to enhance the life of the membrane filter. Aquaguard service centre Delhi is very effective and unique.

If you want to search for the best, you can visit several online RO service centres. They can help you significantly. You can visit several online portals for this purpose.


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