Vacationing in Vietnam in August 2022: 4 good reasons!

Vacationing in Vietnam in August 2022 4 good reasons!

In August, despite the summer holidays still being in full swing, in Vietnam, the peak of tourism season is already over. That means that almost all hot spots have started emptying. Sure, the weather may not always be the greatest depending on the region you travel to, but many late visitors swear by the pleasantly laid-back atmosphere of the country during that period.

Why not take advantage of the off-season in the country, then? Should you need more convincing, here are 4 reasons why traveling to Vietnam in August is a great idea!

1. Save up on your Vietnam travel plans 

Add to the already astounding landscapes and unforgettable sights of Vietnam the vast array of cheaper options, be it plane ticket, accommodation, or private tour operator-wise. The more off-season you travel in the country, the cheaper it gets. Why then miss out on your very chance to enjoy overall lower rates?!

Take a look at airplane tickets, for example: Starting late July, most prices go down, and the further away you look, the lower fares get. You may even start seeing promotions and vacation deals pop up on the screen. The more ahead of time you book your off-season trip to Vietnam, the cheaper the total cost. 

2. Holiday in Vietnam in August to benefit from off-season advantages 

Habitually, Vietnamese vacationers crowd popular touristic places between April and July. This partly explains why there is a noticeable downward trend in prices. There is everything for you to gain out of that! Whatever your destination, there will be a seashore or museum doors awaiting you for a much lower, more enticing price!

Touristic activities are aplenty, too! They are as varied then as other times of the year, yet all the more enjoyable, as the scorching temperatures tend to decrease. Couple that with a notable drop in tourists and locals alike, and you have got yourself the perfect time for your exploration of Vietnam!

What better conditions to take Instagram-worthy photos than popular sites almost devoid of otherwise crammed tourists? With emptier places, on-site staff and local inhabitants will feel less stressed and overworked, making for more relaxed and friendlier interactions! This opens up more possibilities and impactful discoveries, at a slower, more local pace.

3. Travel to Vietnam in August under favorable auspices 

Among many tourists’ worries are bad weather conditions. Nobody would want to get an incredibly inexpensive deal to Vietnam only to spend their vacation in the rain. Lucky you, as the summer heatwaves usually start to subside in early August, making way for milder autumn-like temperatures. Whether you make your way to the Mekong Delta mangroves, the northern mountain chains, or the sandy coastlines of Vietnam, August is a great month to experience decent weather conditions! 

4. North to South Vietnam August destinations 

The Mekong Delta 

A region of one thousand and one flavors and scents, the Mekong Delta teems with lush orchards and dense vegetation. Savory tropical fruit and typical Vietnamese dishes are within reach in the immediate countryside of Tien Giang, Can Tho, and Vinh Long! Mekong Delta Tour 1 Day will have you embark on an unforgettable gustative experience in this nature-blessed region of Vietnam. 

Mekong Delta Tour 

Sapa & Ha Giang 

Covered with lush terraced rice fields reverberating sun rays, Sapa and Ha Giang – two of the most popular sites of the nature-filled north-eastern mountainous region of Vietnam – await you!


At the very beginning of August, autumn starts blowing its milder winds in the North. Trees start exhibiting their deepest, most elegant colors. The scent of “hoa sua” trees is perceptible, then, and the smell of steaming sticky rice fills the air bordering the streets. Everything seems wrapped in poetic beauty, a charming picture that seduces both the Hanoians themselves and the lucky tourists on vacation!

Seaside relaxation in August on Vietnam coastlines

What better way to take a well-needed break than sunbathing on one of the many fine sand beaches? Head over to central Vietnam: Nha Trang, Quy Nhon, Hoi An, Da Nang, and Hue are all coastal cities packed with activities, beautiful sights, and superb seashores! With the weather on your side, August is the perfect time of the year for you to try out the many nautic activities offered! 

Let a private tour operator guide you in Vietnam! 

With August being an excellent month to travel to Vietnam – money and weather-wise – you will be sure to have value for money! Make the best out of your trip, therefore, and find the best private guided tours to your desired destination.

We, at Innoviet, specialize in small-group Mekong Delta tours from Ho Chi Minh City. We would love to have you on board and show you the many secrets that lie in this fascinating region of Vietnam! Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for an unprecedented experience!


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