Essential Smoking Tools That You Can Purchase From An Online Head Shop


Everyone has their preferences when it comes to smoking weed. Glass pipes, weed grinders, vape pens and vape accessories; the list is never-ending! No matter how you like to light up your herb, there are a few essentials one must-have for the ultimate smoking experience.

Moreover, if you are shopping for your essentials online, it can be very confusing as there are a lot of varieties available. So, to make your decision-making easy, here’s a list of essential accessories that you can purchase from an online head shop:


These are a great way to enjoy cannabis and come in all shapes and sizes. There are certain extremely small and portable dabbers, too, so you can easily take them anywhere. And the dabs are usually more potent than vape pens, making them highly efficient.

Carb caps

The variety of these caps is enormous; hence you can get your hands on one (or more) that aligns with your aesthetics. The best part of these pens is that the trippy designs will get you once you’re in the zone, and the lighting effects will keep you hooked, as will the hits themselves.

Glass pipes

These are an incredible way to smoke and a great accessory that you can purchase from an online head shop. They’re so popular because they can be customized in almost any way imaginable. You can choose everything from the pipe’s material and shape to its design’s colour and style. And if you want something truly unique, there’s no better way than with glass pipes.

Glass pipes also make great gifts because of their customization aspect. If you have no idea what kind someone would like, consider getting them something with a little bit of their favoritecolor or design.

Blazing torch

Saying that these torches are inevitable for your kit would be an understatement. The purposes of a blazing torch go way beyond a smoking kit essential. They come in different styles and are wind-proof. Pick the one that suits your purpose and matches your vibe. And do not forget the gas refill. These also come in kits if you’re shopping to stack up or planning a gift.

Ash-catcher bongs

These authentic art pieces are often made in different shapes and sizes. The multiple layers of filtration make them the ideal choice for tar-averse smokers, as it does not get mixed with the water in the pot. If you haven’t tried it, well, now is the time.


These are the must-haves for every smoker. There are some real artsy ones in the market which you’ll find hard to resist. The electric ones are the most trending.


The world of cannabis has become much more sophisticated in recent years, with various products designed to enhance your experience. Bongs, vaporizers and dab rigs are great ways to take your high from good to great. And don’t forget cool gadgets like rolling papers that pop open for easy use or edibles such as gummies that taste delicious! Once you have purchased your smoking devices and cannabis supply from an online head shop, it’s time to start exploring.


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