How Long Will You Hold a Green Card and Why

Green Card
Green Card

You’ve finally done it. After years of waiting and anticipation, you have received your green card and can now permanently live and work in the United States. But how long will this status last? And what can you do to maintain it? Read on to find out the answer to these questions and more.

If you are a lawful permanent resident or green card holder, you generally can stay in the United States as long as you wish

As a green card holder, you can live and work in the USA if you follow all laws and do not commit deportable crimes. It is important to keep your green card valid by applying for renewal at least six months before its expiration date. US permanent residence also comes with dependents, so family members of green card holders have permission to stay in the US under certain circumstances.

Although you may be able to remain in the US indefinitely as a lawful permanent resident, it is worth noting that leaving for extended periods can eventually jeopardize your ability to stay in the country legally.

Suppose a green card holder remains outside of the United States for an extended period of time or goes back to their home country. In that case, they will need to request reentry using particular forms and meet certain criteria before they are allowed back into the US.

However, there are some circumstances where your green card could be revoked – for example, if you commit a crime or fail to meet your status requirements.

Becoming a permanent resident of the United States is often lengthy and tedious, but it can be worth all the effort since it allows you to live and work in the US. However, with great responsibility comes great consequences; if you have received a green card and become a permanent resident, be mindful of your actions.

Certain behaviors can lead to the revocation of your card; this includes committing a crime or failing to meet any other requirements needed for your status. Additionally, not maintaining a continuous residence within the nation could be grounds for revoking your card. Ultimately, remember that green cards are only valid when used appropriately and can’t be taken away unless you do something wrong.

You may also need to renew your green card every ten years, depending on how you obtained it originally.

Depending on how you obtained your green card, it may be necessary to renew it every ten years. For example, if you were granted a green card through marriage, the subsequent two renewable green cards are only valid for two and five years.

Similarly, most other types of conditional permanent residence expire after two years. It’s important to stay up-to-date with the expiration date of your green card as otherwise lawful permanent resident status is lost, and any future applications to enter the United States can lead to denial or delayed processing.

Green card renewal forms and paying applicable fees must be submitted before the green card expires to avoid potential problems.

It’s important to keep up with the requirements of your green card status and make sure you don’t do anything that could jeopardize it.

Keeping up with your green card status requirements is important to ensure that your permanent residency is maintained. Violating laws or regulations may put your green card at risk, potentially leading to fines and other consequences.

Some examples of activities that may pose a threat include lying about US citizenship or fraudulently obtaining it, failing to pay taxes or otherwise being noncompliant with tax laws, or staying outside the country for longer than one year without a reentry permit. It is also crucial to avoid being convicted of any criminal activity, as it could result in deportation from the United States.

By staying informed on your obligations and avoiding such activities, you can keep up with the requirements of your green card status and maintain your permanent residence status in the US.

If you have any questions about your green card or immigration status, consult an experienced attorney who can help guide you through the process.

Suppose you have any questions or concerns about the green card application process or other immigration matters. In that case, it is best to consult an experienced attorney who knows the ins and outs of immigration laws.

A qualified immigration lawyer can provide a detailed analysis of your individual case and help you get through the paperwork confidently. The sooner you contact an attorney, the better protected and informed you may be about your legal rights concerning immigration.

Most lawyers offer free consultations, so if something isn’t clear, or if you need expert advice on visa applications or any other immigration matter, don’t wait – make sure to reach out for help!

Other things to know about owning a green card

Here are some other things to know about owning a green card:

  • You may be eligible to receive certain benefits, such as Social Security, welfare, and employment authorization.
  • You can apply for citizenship after holding your green card for at least five years.
  • Your green card must be renewed every ten years.
  • You must inform USCIS if you move or change your name.
  • You may be subject to deportation if you commit a crime or violate the terms of your green card.

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In conclusion, as a lawful permanent resident or green card holder, you have advantages that are hard to come by if you don’t have the same status. It’s important to understand your rights, privileges, and responsibilities related to your status.

You might be able to stay in the US forever with the right green card, but only so long as you don’t do anything that might jeopardize your status, such as committing a crime or otherwise not meeting the requirements associated with it.

Furthermore, depending on how you obtained your green card, it may need to be renewed every ten years. If you are confused or want more information about becoming a green card holder and/or maintaining your status, then contact an experienced attorney who can guide you in navigating the process.

Don’t risk any missteps that might eventually end up putting you in a difficult position – if you are looking for help from experienced professionals, then reach out to an immigration law firm like  Ruby Powers Law today!


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