Why are wooden toys safer for kids?


Some people consider wooden toys an outdated product that kids don’t enjoy anymore. However, wooden toys are better than today’s plastic toys. No matter how tech-savvy a toy is, plastic is not environmentally-friendly and hazardous for kids. Above all, parents have to splurge more on buying those high-flying plastic toys.

Though these are the primary reasons, many emphasise purchasing quality wooden toys for your tiny tots. The demand for childrens wooden toys has been heaving over the last few years. Check out the important reasons to invest in a quality wooden toy.

Your child’s safety

Many kids are treated in hospitals for toy-related injuries, and the parents need to choose toys cautiously. Consider your child’s safety, whether it is a casual purchase or a special present for your kid’s birthday. This is one of the essential elements you should never avoid while selecting a toy.

Small parts from plastic toys can be easily eliminated, and they can be a choking hazard. Similarly, the sharp bits of plastic from a damaged toy can be perilous. There is no need to fear for the child’s safety regarding wooden toys. These kinds of toys don’t break easily and are usually well-made.


On average, a million tonnes of plastic waste are discarded annually. You can reduce, reuse and recycle such materials without deteriorating the environment. Though you are playing a small part in saving the environment, it is much of what society requires from every individual.

High durability

Children love to fling toys around, and it is important to purchase toys that last longer. Though plastic toys are created using durable material, the chances of damage are high. It is because of the mechanical elements in plastic toys, and the damaged pieces no longer perform well.

On the other hand, wooden toys can endure the kids’ energetic playing, and they won’t break easily. Naturally, wood is stronger, so it is not easy to break wooden toys.

Elevates early education

Though modern toys incorporate sound effects and flashing lights, many studies elucidate that wooden toys improve children’s numerical, literary, spatial awareness and problem-solving abilities. Most wooden toys are puzzles or building blocks. Kids will relish building patterns that encourage them to create new things. Moreover, childrens wooden toys like stacking blocks can enhance kids’ motor skills.

Besides educational skills, wooden toys can improve kids’ creative thinking and playing habits. For instance, a comprehensive range of colourful building blocks opens the door of imagination and elevates their creative thinking.

When it comes to plastic toys, they have sound effects and movements. Kids playing with wooden toys can enhance their verbal and other sensory skills by creating sounds to go with their playing.


Best quality wood materials don’t shatter easily, and they don’t require batteries to function. There is no need to worry about the damage, which can become hazardous for kids playing with the toys.

Plastic toys are expensive, require proper maintenance, and you have to load them with batteries regularly to perform well. Wooden toys have been an excellent choice for kids to enjoy their playtime, and parents don’t have to splurge more. 

Wrapping up

When deciding the toys for your kids, you ought to make the right choice. Ensure it is safe and appropriate for their age. Many online stores offer wooden baby toys, and you can find trustworthy e-tailers to get the best toys for your kids.


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