7 Pieces of Equipment to Build a Home Gym with a Budget of $400

home gym

People have understood the importance of exercise since the beginning of the pandemic. The work-from-home situation has made the possibility of several health risks high, and the only way one can tackle them is by working out regularly. Many firms have made work-from-home permanent, in that case, you have to start work earlier than usual, hence, going to the gym could be an issue. The only way one can continue workout without wasting time travelling to the gym and back is by setting up a gym at home, and for that, you need Gym Equipment.

Setting up a gym at home will make everything easier because now you don’t have to travel to the gym, exercise can be done in flexible hours, and you finish the workout faster than in the gym (no waiting time to use equipment).

Below are some of the necessary pieces of equipment for your homemade gym:

*(The price mentioned are just the approximation )

Exercise mat/Yoga mat ($55)

A yoga/exercise mat should be the first thing you buy for the homemade gym. You can do the basic exercises and stretches on this mat. Most of the workouts that require you to lay down can be done with the help of this mat—a good-quality mat will protect you from the cold and hard floor. Several mats have a cushion effect but are still thin in thickness.

Fit ball ($37)

There’s no limit to the stretches/exercises you can do with this fitness ball. This ball is excellent for your core workout and long stretches. If you feel tired after the intense workout, you can just lay on the ball and let the tension fall away.

A resistance band ($11)

As the name says, this band is excellent for creating resistance during squats, deadlifts, pilates, and many other stretches. You can step up your squats with this band and gain more with the same level of workout. This band is excellent for burning calories, especially at the derriere. Resistance bands are also popular among people who do just cardio workouts and aerobic exercise. A resistance band is simply the best equipment to make every movement worth more.

Skipping/jumping rope ($7)

Jumping rope is the best way to lose weight and strengthen your legs. It is the second-best thing after running/jogging to reduce weight. Many athletes who don’t like running do the jumping rope regularly.

Adjustable dumbles ($130)

This is one of the most valuable Gym Equipment you can get. If you want to avoid several dumbbells lying around your apartment, you need to get the adjustable dumbbells. This one lets you put weight on it just like you do on barbells.

Exercise bench ($119)

A bench is necessary if you plan to do your upper body and core exercises. The bench is needed for performing chest presses, one-arm dumbbell rows, step-ups, etc.

Foam roller ($39)

For an intense circuit or strength session, you need a foam roller. You can use it to lay down and let your gym buddy massage the fatigue and tension in your muscles.

This way, you can relax and maintain a fresh and charismatic look throughout the day without looking tired.

These are the seven essential pieces of equipment you need at home to build a gym.


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