Four things to consider while purchasing custom picture frames online

picture frames online

Whether a piece of art or a photograph, one must have the right picture frame that enhances the piece and complements the decor. With the availability of a wide range of custom picture frames online, you can display your pictures and artworks in the best possible way. The frames found in different shapes, sizes, styles, and colours can be coordinated with the office or home decor to create the desired look. However, the abundance of choices may be confusing, and hence a guide is provided to help you choose the perfect frame.

Consider what you are framing.

It would help to consider what you are framing, its purpose, and its significance. If the photograph does not have colossal significance or needs a temporary framing, you can go with stock standard-sized framing. For a photograph or artwork in a non-standard size, it is best to opt for custom picture framing to get more options.

The kind of art also determines the choice of frame. For example, for a digital painting, the framer is required to print and frame. For a precious art, you need to order the frame beforehand with proper measurements, or if you want a jersey to be framed, a deeper shadow box frame would be required.

Measurement of the art

You must measure your art correctly to get the right frame. A great-looking frame will not be of much use with an inaccurate measurement. It should be done by placing the art in a way you want to view it and then measuring the height and width of the piece. Also, do not confuse the units of measurement.

With digital photos and arts, you can have greater flexibility on the frame size. You can go for a more oversized frame without affecting the quality of a high-resolution image. Also, make sure that the art is printed on the right professional equipment with appropriate colour calibration to obtain the best quality.

Style of the frame

To choose custom picture frames online, you need to consider various aspects like material, profile, and colour. The top two materials you might like to opt for are metal and wood.

Wood frames are the most traditional option, and you can get one in solid wood, finger-jointed poplar, or medium-density fibreboard. Solid wood is an expensive material and can be high maintenance. Finger-jointed poplar is derived from recycled wood and comparatively cheaper than solid wood. Medium-density fibreboard is a more affordable option as it is made from sawdust and binders.

Metals frames are made of aluminium and are coloured, moulded, and extruded. You can also use matting in your frame to contrast and compliment the colour in your art piece to stand out, making it look elegant. However, using a mat board may make your frame large as the matting opening becomes the window through which the art is viewed.

Picture frame covers

The cover used for picture frames is usually made from acrylic or glass. Acrylic is light and durable and is becoming widely popular. In contrast, glass is a more traditional choice that is less susceptible to scratches.

You must also consider the cover finish while purchasing a cover. You can choose a clear finish, a preferred choice for most art. The non-glare cover finish could be another option that will soften and diffuse the colour of the artwork from extreme glares.

Purchasing a custom frame requires consideration of various aspects so that the artwork or photograph is rightly complemented. So, start preparing to design your frame that reflects your uniqueness and a distinctive style.


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