Virginia workers’ compensation: Get a local attorney


Nothing is worse than getting injured at work. If you have suffered a serious injury, chances are high that you may have to remain out of work for at least a few weeks. The workers’ compensation system in Virginia allows you to recover your medical bills pertaining to the work-related injury along with two-thirds of your average weekly wages for up to 500 weeks. What you eventually get in compensation depends largely on your injury and circumstances. Lawyering up is always a good idea, and it’s best to hire a Virginia workers’ compensation lawyer who is locally based. In this post, we are sharing more about the advantages of hiring a local attorney for your case.

Expertise over everything

In general, workers’ compensation claims are inherently complex. Although there is no need to present proof, injured workers often have a hard time dealing with insurance adjusters. It is a known secret that insurance companies would do anything to deny and delay claims, and more often than not, claim adjusters are known to use unethical tactics. You need an attorney who handles workers’ compensation cases as a primary aspect of their practice. Ask the attorney about their work profile and types of cases in detail.

Local expertise is as important

While personal injury lawyers can technically handle your workers’ compensation claim, but they don’t know the people who are typically involved in such cases. PI lawyers in Virginia usually have a professional relationship with other local attorneys and judges, but they don’t need to go for hearings for workers’ compensation claims, which are heard at the Workers’ Compensation Commission. A local attorney who takes up such cases will know the adjusters, defense attorneys, and Deputy Commissioners who are typically involved in such cases.

Discuss communication

As a client, you should be able to communicate with your attorney. There are lawyers who are based in Richmond but take up cases all over Virginia, and that may not be a bad option either. Lawyers often do phone conferences and organize Skype calls to discuss things with clients. Also, a local attorney has more clout and can gather evidence that can be hard to find otherwise. Even if you are 50 miles away from your attorney, they can attend the hearing for you unless there’s a court-ordered mandatory deposition requirement.

Don’t take the word of the insurance adjuster for your workers’ compensation claim. Talk to an attorney first.


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