Internet marketing tips for small businesses in Europe – rinkodaros specialistas

Internet marketing tips for small businesses in Europe – rinkodaros specialistas

Marketing isn’t easy, and it’s even harder when you’re a small business with a small budget. But in the age of modern technology, such companies are well placed to offer effective and real value for money to their customers. Remember, a small business should never ignore internet marketing, even if it does not sell its product online. The biggest mistake is that shops do not take advantage of internet marketing, while the main target audience is online. There are other mistakes that small companies make day in and day out. Our article gives some tips on how to deal with these situations. SO if you are real rinkodaros specialistas you should know those

Always be online as rinkodaros specialistas

The main mistake companies make is in their faulty logic. Their reasoning is: if we don’t sell our products online, then we shouldn’t be active online either. This is not true. People have a tremendous opportunity to learn about a company and product(s) precisely from the Internet. A customer’s decision to buy is often made there, when attractive information on a website prompts them to buy something. For example, let’s take an ordinary furniture shop . Here, furniture will be a product that many furniture shops do not sell online. Large furniture shops therefore realise that it is in their interest to give the most attractive information to customers on the Web in order to increase sales. Don’t forget that a person may go to your competitor’s website, which will attract customers with better terms and conditions. So if you are not invested in online advertising or internet marketing, remember that an effective website can be an invaluable resource for you and your customers.

Attract customers in a regular sale

Another interesting and common mistake among small businesses is that companies don’t drive potential customers to their website. Of course, it’s easier to do nothing and hope that satisfied customers will praise you to other people themselves. In this age where people are used to sharing information easily, companies are making huge money from it. Don’t be lazy, attract your customers to your website to get new ones.

Engage actively with social media

Social media can be one of your best ways to attract new customers. Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Vkontakte and Facebook are simply the perfect platforms to promote your business, because people talk about everything here. All businesses should work closely with social media because it’s affordable and very profitable.

Digital Banners

Interesting Fact. Google’s advertising network allows businesses to create and place banners on websites and online communities. The technology is so advanced that if a user is outside a certain area, the banner will not be displayed. It may be a bit costly, but it makes it quick and easy for a company to get the word out to a large number of people.

5-Design localised content for your website

Often a company’s address is mentioned only once in the contact page, without considering the whole geography of the business. Adding a complete list of all the cities the company can serve, however, will noticeably increase the number of customers from those cities. Alternatively, you could create separate web pages with city names and meta descriptions for the page. In this way, search engines will pass on more information about the company, which will increase traffic. Most businesses don’t have all the traffic just because search engines don’t have information about other cities. Unfortunately, some companies don’t even have competitors, and they lose even more. After all, Google and Yandex have no idea that they serve the surrounding cities as well.

6 – Blog about company events

This tip complements the previous one. Articles and a blog about the company give you the opportunity to connect social media to promote your business. Write about any event, even a local team or a tournament win. Any article in internet marketing is relevant to companies. If you or your employees have the ability to blog, take this tip.

7 – Online reviews as a company help

Nowadays, positive reviews are a tangible help to a company’s ranking. If the company has happy and satisfied customers, simply ask them to leave their feedback. Every company should strive to get customers to share their opinions on the quality of their work. This is a great way to improve service and professional growth.


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