Top 5 Tips For Preparing For The ITIL 4 Foundation Certification Exams


ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification Exam can be difficult to pass, especially if you’re not prepared. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to prepare yourself to pass the exam and keep your knowledge sharp so that you can tackle the exam with confidence and determination. These five tips are sure to help you get your certification and pass the ITIL Foundation Certification Exam on your first try!

1) Prepare the Way you Would Usually Study

Although it may seem counterintuitive, you should prepare for an exam as you would a project. Prepare as if you were going to take an exam like a study session. Make sure you have enough time to get through all of your prep material.

Don’t just read over things quickly and move on, make sure that you understand everything before moving on to something else. This is how most people study anyway so there’s no reason not to go into it with confidence.

2) Pay Attention to Details

The ITIL 4 certification exam is made up of multiple-choice questions as well as true or false questions. There is no penalty for guessing, but there’s a reason so many people fail: They try to guess without paying attention to detail. For example, in one question, a bunch of statements is given and you have to pick which one isn’t true.

If you don’t pay attention and just skim over all of them quickly (or even worse, skip it), you may end up with an answer that appears correct but doesn’t have anything to do with what was asked. As someone who has taken both exams, I know how important every question is—and also how easy it can be to not pay attention when facing 80+ questions!

3) Do a Practice Exam

There’s no better way to prepare for your certification exam than taking a sample test. This will give you a feel for what kind of questions you’ll be asked and help you familiarize yourself with the format.

You might also find it useful to get some practice questions from an instructor or tutor. In our experience, hands-on experience is usually best for learning concepts like these, but don’t hesitate to turn to free or paid study materials if that works better for you. Just be sure to keep all your sources organized—keeping track of where you learned what will make studying much easier in the long run.

4) Don’t Panic When Confronted by New Topics

One of the most difficult tasks when preparing for an exam is to keep calm in a situation where you are facing a lot of new information. This can be extremely stressful, especially if you’re worried about passing. During your preparation, however, make sure that you do not panic and stress out about encountering new information. If you keep yourself calm, then you will be able to study more effectively and pass on your first attempt!

5) Take Regular Breaks

When it comes to cramming for an exam, taking breaks is very important. It’s easy to forget that our brains need rest from time to time. During your study sessions, don’t feel obligated to sit in front of your computer monitor for eight hours straight if you don’t have to.


The ITIL 4 Foundation Exam tests your ability to understand the core concepts of IT Service Management (ITSM) and how they impact your organization’s ability to improve its operations and customer service delivery.


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