What Should I Do if a Drunk Driver Hits Me?


Car accidents have been rapidly increasing throughout the country. With plenty of safety features and laws, car accidents are still on the rise. No matter how much experienced you are or how well you drive, another driver being careless on the road can get you into trouble. People involved in the accident usually struggle with painful experiences. Roadside crashes can result from a variety of factors. A motorist or any road user has the potential to initiate an accident. If you have been injured in an accident, it is crucial that you hire a professional personal injury lawyer in Hammond. Your petition for reimbursement of medical expenses will be strengthened by these specialists. 

Besides damage to your vehicle, a collision can also give you physical injuries that will put additional financial stress on the victim and their family. Drunk driving is a criminal offense that results in heavy penalties, suspension of license, and even jail time. Still, many people, especially the younger audience, are engaged in drunk driving. 

If you get hit by a drunk driver, you can file a claim against the driver to get financial compensation. A drunk driver is a negligent driver since the situation could have been avoided if they were not drunk. Therefore, as soon as you get into a crash due to a drunk driver, contact a Salem personal injury lawyer to ensure you get maximum compensation. 

Steps to follow if a drunk driver hits you. 

  1. Pullover and call 911 right away. 

Pull over your vehicle to the side and immediately inform law enforcement. Even if you feel that the other driver will call the police, you should still call the cops and tell them about the accident. Remember, do NOT run away from the accident scene and wait until the police arrive. 

  1. Get medical assistance as soon as possible. 

If you have incurred severe physical injuries, you will be rushed to the nearest hospital. However, if you are conscious and sustain physical injuries, inform the emergency helpline number and wait until the paramedics arrive. 

  1. Note down the driver’s information. 

The driver who hit you is at fault. Therefore, you need to present their details when you file a claim. So, make sure you collect the driver’s information, including their name, license number, address, insurance details, etc. 

  1. Click pictures and collect evidence. 

Evidence is a crucial aspect of your claim. Without evidence, it would be impossible to get compensation for your injuries and losses. Therefore, after a drunk driver hits you, click pictures of the accident scene from multiple angles, damage to the vehicle, roads around the accident scene, any physical injuries, etc. Also, if possible, collect witness information who was present during the accident. 

  1. Speak to an experienced lawyer. 

No one better than a lawyer can help you with your claim and ensure to get the best compensation for your injuries. Therefore, contact a lawyer after your accident right away. 


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