Things to consider when writing a thesis


A thesis or dissertation is the original research done by a student for the purpose of a university degree, be it an academic degree or professional. It is not easy to write a thesis of 80-90 pages since it takes a lot of effort and research to produce outstanding content. Here are some things to consider when writing a thesis and we are going to discuss them in detail. 

Interesting topic

First thing first,  the topic plays an important role in all types of writing. If it is interesting it keeps readers engaged otherwise people lose interest in the very first lines. Thesis topic must be catchy and unique. Take your time and find an energetic topic for your research.

Proper research

Thesis demands proper research. After finalizing a topic give yourself enough time to dig into this topic to find the best material. Brainstorm different ideas and note them down in your diary. Keenly observe everything and see previous research related to your topic. If you do not research well then you won’t be able to write a perfect thesis. Take help of your peers and experts to help you find books and online sites which are highly useful for this purpose. 

Avoid grammar mistakes

If your topic is interesting and all other points are amazing but there are so many grammar and spelling mistakes then it leaves a bad impression on the reader and even raises questions on the credibility of your work. Must double check your written work to avoid any kind of embarrassment. You can use tools to save yourself from this hassle. These tools not only highlight your spelling and grammar errors but also suggest good words to use instead. 

Do not copy previous thesis topic

Purpose of the thesis is to explore the things that nobody touched before or. Your aim is to fill the gap left in that research and not to repeat what others have already done. If you just copy it then what’s the use of this research. Copying other people’s work not only causes you trouble but it demolishes your confidence and stops your growth as well. Always produce unique content since it not only expands your knowledge but paves ways towards success and makes your journey smooth.

Thesis statement

Thesis statement summarizes the main points of your thesis. It’s the foundation of your research work since it controls all the thoughts in your thesis. It summarizes the conclusion of your research. 

Avoid plagiarism

Plagiarism is stealing other people’s work without their consent and using it for your own benefits. It is totally unethical and unacceptable especially when it comes to writing thesis and research papers. Thesis lets people know your academic excellence and your taste for research but copying anyone else’s work can ruin your overall career. Use grammarly or hemingway tools to check plagiarism and remove it as much as possible. 

Cite references

If you are writing any idea that has already been described by people then give its credit to them by citing them otherwise you are doing injustice. 

Thorough research for literature review

Literature review plays an important role in writing a thesis. In this you evaluate available literature on your specific topic. It gives a chance to researchers to discover new angles by reviewing what has already been done on the topic and also gives insight to contribute new points in the specific research area. 

False statements

Never ever try to write anything wrong or false that has nothing to do with reality or is not related to your work. Sometimes people write points that are totally unrelated to your topic. 

False calculations

If your thesis depends on the calculations then make effort for them and do not write without proper research. False calculations lead to wrong results and this is not the purpose of research. 

Editing and proofreading

Editing and proofreading is mandatory for making your written work presentable. You can take help from your teachers and any expert who can do these things for you. Mistakes can spoil the overall presentation of your work and people notice such things first.  There are so many online tools available to point out your mistakes and errors and not only does such softwares let you know about these mistakes but also gives you suggestions to write perfect sentences. 

So, these are the things you need to keep in mind while writing a thesis to avoid further complications. Thorough research is the foundation of good quality work so by flipping through various books and surfing the internet you can get enough ideas for your research. 


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