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Lots of over-the-top streaming services and platforms popping up in the last few years and increased their esteem in America, Canada, Germany, and other countries of the world. 

Especially, the majority of people in the United States are interested in streaming complete movies, reality shows, or web series direct on their smartphones through OTT (over-the-top) streaming.

There are several over-the-tops (OTT) that have made streaming easier, and make delivery media possible such as music, movies, and sports through on smart television such as

What does Over-the-top Streaming Meaning?

Over-The-Top streaming aka OTT means the registered user can access videos, movies, sports highlight, web series, or whatever contents he/she wish at any time, anywhere, the place is no barer.

OTT uses hybrid technology the combination of traditional and advanced technology to distribute multimedia content on demand.

Have you remember, play the song on-demand on Radio, or watching the videos on rent, similarly on Over-The-Top platforms subscribers pay subscription costs to watch TV Serials, Web series, Videos, Reality Shows, Sports events, albums  of their choice.

If you have Internet connectivity, any OTT service subscription, and a supportable device, nothing else you need to enjoy the vast amount of entertainment.

Peacock T.V. is a US Over-To-Top Streaming provider that distributes digital entertaining media to subscribers since July 15, 2020, while initially, launched for American subscribers only, but later allow subscribers’ from Ireland and U.K.  For both types of streaming: Live and on-demand, for multiple platforms and devices with subscription packages:
• Premium Plus,
• Premium, and
• Free. is an activation page, where you have to insert the peacock authentication code obtain from the page, and start watching your choice movies, web series, sports, and whatever you wish to watch. – Steps to Insert Activation Code

This article will help you realize how to use the activation code and the specific steps you can take to maximize your streaming experience on smart television of your choice.


An authentic Peacock account is a primary need in order to go further steps. First, Let me tell you how to register on Peacock.

1. First visit Peacock official website –
2. Insert your active email address (Registration verification link or code will be sent to this email).
3. Insert a secure password (Read below how to create a strong password)
4. Verify your credentials.


After successfully creating and verification of peacock account you are a registered member. Now, open peacock to com tv on your smart tv by type-, and insert a 6-digit activation key to start streaming unlimited entertainment Compatibility Devices

Other than smart TVs, Peacocktv is also accessible on smartphones, tablets, and set-top boxes. Error /Issues Troubleshooting

If facing issue Peacock not working on your TV, follow the below to do guide:

First Solution to Resolve issue: Re-Start Device

Break the power supply of TV and associated gadgets for a minimum of 20 seconds. Re-connect the device, TV, and gadgets to fix the peacock streaming issue, if the error persists, go to the next solution.

Second Method:  Check Internet Connectivity

Test your internet link by login on another device. Ensure to have decent download upload speed internet for uninterruptable streaming.

Third Strategy to fix issue:

Remove streaming device junk data by cleaning cache and cookies

Fourth Solution:  Remove Peacock App Just remove the Peacock application by uninstalling it. Install app’s updated version to your device, and restart all the mechanisms including Router, gadget, and streaming Television

Conclusion about

Now that you understand what is And what’s the purpose behind it. Let’s look at the actionable steps you can take to experience Un-interruptible watching of content you love most.


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