Skip-Bo is a fast paced fun game that puts everyone on their feet. Try to collect the cards by assembling the buildings in ascending order according to their number. Each player can have only four building blocks at a time, and it can be very fast!

Players try to destroy their reserves quickly, but if bad cards get in your hand, it can be ridiculously difficult. If you do not have the required number, skip bo cards can be your savings, as they can replace any number.


Shuffle all the cards and let each player draw the cards. The player who draws the most cards becomes the dealer. If there are two or four players, the dealer deals thirty cards to each player. If there are five or more players, the dealer gives each player a base card.

The face of the cards is placed at the bottom, making a reserve for each player. Each player then flips the card at the top of their deck, retaining all the other cards. The rest of the deck is placed down in the middle of the playground.

Description of the pile

During the game, each player draws a set of five cards.

Reserve piles: The player’s reserve piles are located to their right, the card at the top is always facing upwards.

Draw pile: After dealing all the cards with the players, the remaining cards are placed in the middle of the table to form a draw pile.

Construction Pile: Each player can build up to four construction piles during the game. You can start making 1 card or Skip-Bo card series. Each pile is then numbered from one to twelve in ascending order. When the 12 carat pile is full, it can be removed and replaced with a new pile.

Throwing Pegs: Each player can make four piles on the left side of the pile. Any number of cards can be inserted into the lost pile, but only the card above can be played.

The player to the left of the dealer starts the game. He starts drawing five cards out of the pile. If they have Skip bo directions or 1 map in their hand or on top of the pile, they can use it to start construction. When they add maps to their building set in digital order, their layout can continue.

If they play five cards in their hands, they can draw five more. If they can’t keep any more cards, their turn ends when they throw one of the cards in their hand into one of the discarded piles.

The game continues around the group on the left. In the second round and at each subsequent turn, players can make as many cards as they need to return their hands to the five cards. Then they can add construction poles.

The game ends when the player uses all the cards in his deck. This player is the winner. You can choose to continue the game to enable multiple types. If so, the winner gets five points for each remaining card at the opponent’s bet and twenty-five points for winning the game. Multiple rounds can continue until the player scores five hundred points and is declared the winner.


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