Downloaded Games Versus Game Backups Created With Game Copier Software


“My big brother is a crazy fan of Windows PC games, and I see him investing a lot to buy the best-configured hardware and hard drive. Lately he bought a new hard drive, planning to move Steam games to the SSD . While all the preparations were ready, he got stuck on the first step of migrating a PC game like afk arena tier list  to another hard drive”.

If you are a game enthusiast and have the same demand on how to move games to another hard drive, you will find tailor-made solutions here. In this article, we provide you with an easy method and another manual way to transfer PC games to another hard drive. Based on the game’s transfer speed and success rate, we highly recommend using PCTrans EaseUS Todo . 

The methods we have discussed apply to most gaming platforms.

If you have any of the following hard drive issues, click the top navigation links or scroll to find out how to move a PC game to another hard drive or computer.

Hard drive C has no space

Turn a small hard drive into a big one

Replace HDD with SSD for faster gaming experience

The old computer is getting slow, so you have to switch to a new computer

Avoid spending hours reloading games and reinstalling them again, EaseUS Todo PCTrans is your good helper to transfer PC game to new hard drive. It will tell you where to find the game installation files or how to find all essential installation and configuration files. 

Can EaseUS Todo PCTrans move PC games elsewhere? Yes, it is possible, thanks to the three transfer modes: PC to PC; Backup and restore; Application migration. These three modes would be able to handle cases while migrating the game to another computer/laptop or player.

Case 1. Transfer games from PC to PC

Case 2. Transfer games from one hard drive to another

Case 3. Transfer programs from C drive to D drive in Windows 10

How to move one or more PC games between hard drives

Since the hard drives are not separated on different computers, you cannot directly transfer a game over the Internet. Don’t worry, as long as you properly connect the new hard drive to the same computer where the original hard drive is installed, you can move a single game or multiple games at a time from source drive to destination drive like a charm.

What makes it difficult to manually copy or cut a game from one hard drive to another is

1. 1. The copy or cut method only works for a few programs, today called portable programs. While for other installed programs, your simple copy misses registry settings, DLLs in Windows directories, etc. otherwise you cannot open the moved programs.

2. For games, as there are too many types, it is unclear whether they will work or open after being moved to another location.

Fortunately, we know a unique strategy for migrating most games to Steam, Origin, Epic, and Riot. 

How to Move Steam Games to Another Drive

Step 1. Copy and paste the game

Create a folder in the new location where you will keep the games. On Steam, you can go to Settings > Downloads > Steam Library Folders and click ” Add Library Folder “.

Now navigate to the new Steam library folder and create a new folder inside of it called steamapps. Next, create a folder in steamapps called common . (Steam automatically searches the steamapps/common subdirectories to save games)

Go to your current folder and find the game folder you want to move to steamapps/common. Copy the game folder to the new steamapps/common folder on the new hard drive.


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