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Telegram(Telegram聊天软件) has added 3 features to its platform. The first is the Emoji platform, which lets you share your custom emoji with other users. You can also use the new Emoji picker to create custom stickers and animate them using a new tool called GifCam. Finally, Telegram got rid of the paid sticker packs and replaced them with “Telegram Premium”, which allows users to pay for individual stickers or set up recurring payments that get charged automatically every year or month (depending on how much you want).

Recently updated

In update 6.3, a telegram was added 3 features, which include the Emoji platform, custom animation Emoji, and Telegram premium.

Emoji platform

The emoji platform is a new platform for developers to create their custom emojis. It’s an open platform that anyone can use and build on top of it. With the platform, users will be able to experience better interaction with friends through custom animations and reactions, integrating with games or other applications. Developers can create bot-like experiences using the emojis they build, which can then be used by others in different ways like creating stickers or using them in their apps.

Custom animation Emoji

-Custom animation Emoji

-Custom animation emoji is a new feature added in update 6.3. It allows you to create your animated sticker using any of the stickers provided by Telegram or to use existing animations from other platforms such as Gboard or LINE.

-How can I use custom animation Emojis?

To use a custom animation emoji, simply double-click on it! This will open up an editor where you can tweak the parameters of your scene and play around with different effects until you get something that fits your needs perfectly!

Telegram premium

Telegram Premium is a paid service that allows you to use Telegram without ads. You can purchase Telegram Premium using your credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, or debit card (sorry no cash). The price of Telegram Premium is $1.99 per month or $11.99 per year.

When you subscribe to Telegram Pro (which includes the ability to send messages up to 1GB in size as well as view all media files), you’ll be able to use our latest features too!

More Interactive Emoji

This is the most important feature in this update. It allows users to create interactive custom emojis or GIFs. This can be used for any occasion and will surely cheer up your loved ones.

Custom animation Emoji is a new way that Telegram allows users to express themselves by creating fun animations with their favorite characters and objects from movies, TV shows, games, and more! You can also share your creations with other users on Telegram or make them public on the web.

The last sentence is:

We hope you like the new features of the telegram(telegram中文), and we want to give you more surprises in the future. And if you have any questions about them or other problems, please feel free to contact us!


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