Things to avoid while working from home


Its been two years since the pandemic has changed our way of routines and working modes. Companies shifted their working routines to work from home and hybrid working. Today, many employees are still working from home and visiting offices on alternative days. No doubt that working from home reduces costs and many other expenses. Companies have reduced the cost of utilities, space rents, and daily expenses.

The same goes for employees. Many employee expenses have been reduced daily, including transportation costs. Working from home has been a lot more flexible and convenient than office jobs.

Many of us have been comfortable enough with these working routines as we have a cozy and comfortable environment while working for your official tasks. But in reality, there is a minor difference to be maintained between work life and home life. It is productive and important to keep this distance as it is effective and adequate to achieve.

While working from home, many of us feel difficulties and sometimes end up with low productivity and laziness. Which following are some key tips to minimize bad or less productive habits?

Deficient habits which need to be removed while working from home

  • Unorganized desk and cluttered working area:

Like your office work area, your home office desks also need regular cleaning and maintenance. An unorganized and messy office desk leads to dissatisfaction and distraction. Make sure to clean out all trash and organize your files and stuff in order so that it will save your time and space. A clean desk will ultimately inspire you and boost your mood. It makes you more productive and efficient.

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Take short interval breaks:

Working from home has limited our activities and movement. We do all meetings and discussions from our desk through video conferences or voice calls. There are high chances of body stress and strains. It is ideal for taking short breaks every 5 to 10 minutes after every hour, which will ultimately increase the blood flow in your body and decrease the stress on your eyes, neck, and shoulders.

Another way to take short breaks is by doing your house chores. This will relax your body and will energize your body and brain.

Making more voice calls than video calls:

No doubt that video conferences are the best way to pay attention and focus. But doing it every day can increase strain in your eyes and cause fatigue. It is ideal to have more frequent telephonic conversations, which are a great way to communicate with your team members while staying focused.

  • Improper workstation:

Suppose you feel uncomfortable and have bad posture while doing your office work. Then make sure to rethink your workstation which you are using while working from home. To have a comfortable and long-lasting easy posture, you always need the best quality workstation. Try to have the most suitable chair and table that matches your body preferences and height. Make sure to arrange your mouse, keyboard, and other office essentials at the ideal size and distance. So that you will not be in an uncomfortable posture while working on your keyboard.

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Do Not have lunch on your desk.

While working from home, it is quite convenient to grab your lunch or snacks while sitting at your desk. Where you can have your lunch while doing your official work, but actually, this habit is bad, and it also affects your productivity. It will make your desk messy, and you will be unable to focus on any task perfectly.

Always make sure to take short breaks for your lunch. This will help you keep your movement on track and leave your desk clean and organized.

These short breaks help you to refresh your mind and body. Which ultimately increases productivity and efficiency.

Above mentioned, all habits are not productive and will make your office desk untidy. Ensure a proper balance in your work life and personal life.

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