Introduction to IOS signature


As you know, Apple’s App Store is the most important app store for iOS users and developers. To guarantee the quality of apps available on its app store, Apple has strict requirements for every app developer. One of them is that all submitted apps must be signed with a unique certificate from Apple (or from a self-signed certificate).

What is signature signing?

Signature signing is a method of app signing that uses a certificate. A certificate is used to sign apps, including those built with the iOS Developer Program(IOS签名), and those built with the iOS Enterprise Program.

How does signature signing work?

Signature signing is an app signing method that is used to allow your app to be installed on iOS devices.

This method uses the same process as non-developer distribution and provisioning profiles, but it has two differences:

-You must enroll in the program for all apps you want to distribute using this method.

-Your apps must use information from their code signing identities when they build their universal binaries.

How to sign your app with the signature signing method?

Now you know what is IOS signature(iOS企业签) is, now let’s see how to sign your app with the signature signing method.

Signing your app with the Apple sign method:

First of all, you have to create an apple dev account in the iTunes Connect portal by creating a developer account on the iTunes connect website. Once you have created this account, then login into it and go to the member center section where you will find the manage certificates button at the top right corner of the screen. Select this button and click on it, there are two options namely “Manage private keys for signing” and “Add or remove team members”. Click on manage private keys for the signing option which is under the development option but if you want to build enterprise apps then select add or remove team members from the left side navigation pane because when we build enterprise apps we need multiple people to work together so that they can share their ideas freely without worrying about security issues.

The next step after adding multiple developers is generating a certificate signing request (CSR). To generate CSR navigate toward the admin panel on iTunes connect website and select profile information from the left side navigation pane followed by the certificates page under the profiles section. A new page will open in which click the new certificate request button given below and add a new profile section text box. Fill up all details given in this form such as common name (name of your organization), email address (email address associated with apple dev account), organization name/organization identifier(this field contains bundle id), type of certificate (whether it’s server certificate or client certificate), etc., once done click continue button present at the bottom right corner of this window

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Well, that’s it for today. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the IOS signature signing method and how it works. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below!


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