Fantasy Cricket: 4 Reasons Protecting Yourself From Losing

ODI Batsmen
ODI Batsmen

As someone with a hobby of playing Fantasy games, you’ve probably noticed the rising trend of people becoming interested in online games this year. Gone are the days when gaming was only to produce fun and entertainment. 

Now, it’s possible to earn money while you play! Whether it be playing online at PUBG championships or picking your own fantasy sports team, the world of online gaming is open to players everywhere.

What is Fantasy Cricket?

Assuming you are referring to the game of cricket, fantasy cricket is a game where participants act as team owners and select real life players to form their teams. These teams then compete against each other based on the statistical performance of these players in actual matches.

There are many different variations of fantasy cricket, but the most popular format is probably the one where participants have a budget to spend on buying players, and are awarded points based on how well those players perform. The team with the most points at the end of the season (or tournament) is the winner.

Fantasy cricket is played online. There are numerous websites and apps that offer fantasy cricket platforms, and many offline leagues are also arranged by friends, family or colleagues.

Cricket fans have the best chance of earning while playing fantasy cricket online. All they have to do is use their knowledge and awareness of cricket, current matches and selected players in order to maximise earnings. India is considered to be the epicentre of this growing trend.

There are a lot of Facebook and Instagram pages that claim to give fantasy cricket tips and ensure people of future victories. We advise you to avoid these handles because you can use your own wisdom to outmanoeuvre the India Fantasy Cricket. If you want to play fantasy cricket and make some good cash, read on for 4 ways to keep yourself safe from fraudsters.

1. Select your team post the lineup of starters is announced

There are some people who make the mistake of selecting their team without knowing the final XI list. This can be a disadvantage to you, so it’s important to wait and see if any key players won’t play that day. For example, you don’t want an injured player on your team for a certain match when it’s scheduled for them to participate. For more tips, keep up with news and see if there are any key player exceptions before finalising your team selection.

2. At the beginning of your innings, look for bowler first and then the batsman

A bowler will perform better during their spells than a batsman who may miss his form. Every dot ball gives you points, and if your bowler grabs a wicket then the game gets even more exciting. If your bowler is selected during the death overs, then their chances of getting someone out are even higher and this gives you even more chances to earn browny points.

3. Remember to select at least one highly experienced and skilled batsman from both teams

A top-order batsman will have a better chance of scoring runs because they’ll have time to settle in and be prepared to play their shots. However, the problem for lower order batsmen is that they won’t even get the chance to play, which can’t be right at all while choosing your Fantasy Cricket Play Online.

4. Pick a prominent player who has not been in good form in the past two to three matches

Injuries can be tough for players to recover from. When something has taken them out of their comfort zone and they’re out of their element, people often don’t voice support for that player. If you choose one such player, the chance of them playing a key game is much higher because they have the additional motivation to prove themselves to the world.

The benefits of playing fantasy cricket on AIO Games app

Apart from the obvious entertainment factor, playing fantasy cricket on AIO Games app has several benefits. It helps improve your knowledge about the sport as you have to make strategic decisions about which players to pick for your team.

It also encourages you to follow cricket matches closely as you want your selected players to do well in order to score points. In the process, you end up learning a lot more about the game and its nuances.

Additionally, playing fantasy cricket is a great way to interact with other cricket fans from around the world. On the AIO Games app, you can join Indian T20 leagues or Big Bash, from BPL to T10 Cricket. This makes for a highly competitive and fun environment.

So if you are a cricket fan looking for a way to enhance your knowledge and understanding of the game, or just want a fun and social way to engage with other like-minded fans, playing fantasy cricket on AIO Games app is a great option!


It’s no secret that fantasy cricket is a huge industry. With the popularity of the sport, there are many people who want to get involved in playing fantasy cricket. However, with so many people playing, it can be hard to win. In fact, losing a fantasy cricket match can be downright frustrating. 

There you have it! 4 ways to protect yourself from losing a fantasy cricket match. By following these tips, you’ll be in good shape to win your next match. So get out there and start playing! And if you need any more help, be sure to check out AIO Games – Fantasy Cricket app

AIO Games provides you with a simple and instinctive entry point into the world of fantasy cricket gaming. Compared to our competitors, AIO’s user interface is both elegant and ready to use. The design and gameplay too makes it a highly appealing form of fantasy cricket that can attract any fan of the genre. 

The AIO Games app will be here for years to come, gaining its own identity in the world of cricket. So, if you’re a new entrant into the world of fantasy cricket, all you need to know are these basic rules. Download today and start playing your favourite games!


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