I was first introduced to Adachi Shimamura last fall, when simulcasting was available. Although I haven’t seen many yuri titles, I loved the art style and relaxed atmosphere. I was curious to see how anime compares to the source material, so I was very excited to see the light novels and manga being released.

*Spoiler* Dreaming about kissing your friend in a dream is probably a sign that you are having a bad dream.

Want to be more than just friends (Adachi & Shimamura pg. 47).

Adachi Shimamura is about Adachi Shimamura and Shimamura are about two girls: Adachi Shimamura and, you guessed correctly, Shimamura. They are in the same class but they spend more time in the gym playing ping-pong than studying. These two delinquents slowly form a friendship, and perhaps something more. The series is about their friendship and the complicated and awkward feelings of first love. It also explores how they discover your sexuality and how they fit in with other characters. We’ll also get to an alien later.

This series’ barebones premise feels a bit generic. It could have felt that way if it was handled differently, but I love the way the leads were written. Shimamura seems like the popular high school girl, but she sometimes feels lonely and distant. Although she can interact with her classmates, she doesn’t know how they should be getting to know each other. Adachi is not the shy, stereotypical girl I expected. But she is trying to break down the barriers she has built around herself to allow Shimamura in. Although her bold outbursts can be very unexpected and awkward, she is trying to improve their relationship. Although they may seem very different, these two are so in tune with each other that it is easy to invest in their relationship.

Yashiro meets Shimamura in Adachi and Shimamura pg. 116).

Volume 1 had a lot to offer me. I loved how much attention was given to the leads and not the side characters. Shimamura’s close friends, Nakafuji and Hino, aren’t bad characters. They give Adachi more depth and contrast well with our main characters. Who would have thought that this girl might be jealous? Although I don’t know if this was included in the final series, the anime featured some fanservice scenes that were very 2000s-esque. Yashiro, an alien, was absent from the manga’s first half. It felt to me that she was a character added randomly. I am glad that she was not prominent in this manga. It’s hard to understand why a story so grounded in reality would include an alien girl who glows in spacesuits, but I was thrown out of the story by her first appearance in anime. Although she’s fine and she may have a greater purpose, the alien quirkiness is unnecessary. I wish she were a normal kid.

Anyone who remembers my review for Given knows that I love series that take their time. Adachi and Shimamura created a calm atmosphere that allowed the story to breathe. Although the manga contains similar scenes to anime, they feel faster and almost more rushed. The manga isn’t slow, but slower stories may not be for everyone. The light novel is a good option if you want to continue the story from the anime but keep it at a slower pace. Although this is not a very common addition, the volume contained a short segment from the light-novel at the end. Adachi and Shimamura are light novels that I have not been interested in. The light novel may be the best way for me to read the story at the pace and pace I prefer. Hitoma Iruma is a clear writer. Shimamura sees the chapter from her perspective, which gives her more depth than either of the adaptations. There are already nine volumes of this light novel in Japan so there’s plenty to look forward too.

Adachi and Shimamura are a slow-burn romance about two girls who learn how to let go of their fears and allow others into their lives. The relationship between them is shown in a sweet, realistic, and at times so awkward that I had flashbacks back to high school. This story works in all media, so you can watch it in anime, manga, or light novels.

The second floor of our gym. This is our place. Although class is currently in session, they don’t have classes in this location. Here Shimamura met me. Is this the feeling you are talking about? Yesterday I dreamed about kissing her. Shimamura and I are not like that. Shimamura may not think of “friend” as a synonym, but I want to be her first thought. That’s all.

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