Brillante’s ideas of personalized stands at the trade show


If you haven’t already included participation in international trade shows in your marketing plan to expand your market, you risk being left behind by your competitors.

If you are considering participating in international trade fairs, you must decide a few things. To present your goods or services at an exhibition, you must equip a place for their presentation. To do this, you need to build an exhibition stand in the exhibition hall, paying in advance for the rent of the space on which the exhibition stand will be located. Now you must choose between custom exhibition stand builders and modular stand builders.

You may not need the latter if you plan to construct a small trade show booth. Modular stands are ready-made solutions of a predetermined design, which you assemble and disassemble without much effort. Custom stands are individual solutions chosen by companies for which reputation and brand recognition among clients are essential.

Custom solutions at an international exhibition make a participant stand out among competitors and similar products. Custom-made stands that make headlines in magazines and websites exemplify the best design solution and attract people’s attention.

There are only a few ways in which you can draw attention to your stand. These are size, design solution, interactivity of the booth, and holding events on the territory of the exhibition stand. This article will look at successful solutions that have helped companies achieve their marketing goals.

The size of the exhibition stand makes a difference

If your budget allows you to be the most significant exporter at the show, feel free to spend your allotted budget. You are guaranteed to capture the initiative to visit your booth from all the other exhibitors. Everyone wants to see the most significant player at this show. In this case, like in the animal kingdom, size is associated with power and influence. The bigger you appear at the show, the bigger you seem in your industry.

Please note that brands that promote their name or maintain their already-gained status most often choose a large-scale construction of an exhibition stand. And not necessarily the goods of such a company should occupy a large part of the booth. For example, we can give the company THQ Nordic, which participated in Gamescom.

Evolve Creative Solutions Project

An entire universe was built on 500 square meters. In addition to the size, the booth was highly interactive with visitors, which was a formula for success for the company at this exhibition. As a result, the Elite Gamer Award for Best Booth went to THQ Nordic.

The main detail that will add scale to your booth is its height. Pay attention to the size of these stands.

Peipei Jin Project

Nick Sochilin Project

Even with a small footprint, these stands seem huge. This is achieved due to the high walls of the structure. Therefore, even if you have a small space for an exhibition stand, make the ceiling height as high as the administration of the fairgrounds allows.

Exhibition stand design is a critical component of success

The design for a trade show booth is king. Won’t you pay attention to the tallest square box? Well, okay, you will, but not for long, and you’ll just walk on by. If the design is boring, there is no desire to approach the booth.

But booth design is not just a flight of fancy of a single designer. Firstly, the exhibition stand’s design should consider the customer’s wishes regarding the area’s usefulness in which goods and services will be presented. 

Secondly, the design should be developed by a designer who works in the exhibition industry. Not all ideas that look beautiful on paper can be realized in real life. Calculations should include the possibility to use certain materials, restrictions on the use of materials by the exhibition center, the stability of the construction, safety for the people around, and well-thought-out logistics for the flow of visitors who will gather at your exhibition booth. 

The main idea of an exhibition stand is to demonstrate its benefits safely. This is the criterion that the exhibition stand designer should constantly keep in mind.

In the design it is essential to consider the customer’s wishes and convey the color of the country he represents.

If it’s minimalism, put a bright accent in it to catch the eye of visitors.

It is also important to convey what the company wants to tell its visitors, even glancing at the booth.

Attracting attention to the exhibition stand with the help of interactive elements

The size of the exhibition stand is just right; the design is eye-catching, and now it’s time to think about how to hold the visitor’s attention and tell them about your products and services.

There is nothing more appealing than an intriguing video. It’s best to use LED screens and walls to make your exhibition stand come to life. What you show to your visitors depends on the purpose for which you have organized the event.

A successful solution, but quite expensive, is an LED video wall. It is a complex design solution requiring special equipment, but the result you achieve will pay for all the investment.

Interactive elements in the booth also include proper lighting, sound setup if needed, use of VR, and gamifying features. All to make your visitors want to interact with your brand and get a WOW effect.

Conducting events at the exhibition stand as an element of interaction with the customer

And the last component of success is interaction with visitors to your booth. Involving guests in your “corporate life” is not an easy task. It is not always necessary. The organization of an event at the exhibition stand depends on the goals you set for yourself. If your goal is to maintain brand recognition or to make a statement about your brand, you should include an event in the exhibition program.

For example, it could be live music at the booth.

Guest refreshments always attract visitors. No one will refuse to have a tasty snack and a sip of champagne in pleasant company.

Delicatessen snacks are the best way to get your staff and visitors to your booth to engage in business conversation.

This can be various competitions, master classes, the sale of products at the stand, or a small performance if the size of the frame allows it.

Good luck participating in the exhibition!


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