A Beginner’s Guide to VPS Hosting: All You Need to Know


Fast emerging as a popular option for businesses looking for dedicated resources to run their website at affordable prices, VPS hosting involves the use of a virtual private server.

VPS hosting involves virtual compartmentalization of a parent server with each compartment being allocated to a separate client. Hosting providers in India create an emulated, dedicated hosting environment on a host server to cater to the requirements of several clients at the same time.

How Does VPS Hosting Work?

VPS Hosting in India involves the division of a parent server into several virtual servers that can be separated from each other. The hosting companies use a software called Hypervisor to implement a virtual layer on the top of the operating system of the parent server to segment the virtual servers. This separation of the servers into several segments allows each user to install its operating system and software thereby offering them a server that is private and separated from others.

Features of VPS Hosting

The main feature of this type of hosting is that it offers users dedicated resources at affordable prices thereby boosting the performance of a website.

Some other important features of VPS hosting are:

  • Users can access their VPS servers from anywhere.
  • Each user has its CPU, RAM, and other resources that are not shared with anyone.
  • Each user is allocated a specific bandwidth and storage which means that their performance is not affected by the other users as it may happen in the case of shared hosting.
  • It is highly suitable for businesses witnessing a consistent performance.
  • This type of hosting can be customized to meet the requirements of individual clients.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

VPS hosting in India offers website owners an excellent chance to have dedicated resources without spending too much. Highly suitable for medium-sized businesses requiring a dedicated amount of storage and bandwidth and high security for the smooth and safe running of their websites.

The major benefits of choosing VPS hosting plans are:

  • Reliable Performance– Since the resources are not being shared, the risk of getting affected by the other websites on the same server gets reduced.
  • Value for Money– These plans offer dedicated resources at affordable rates since users pay based on their usage.
  • Control- Users get SSH and root access control to the servers thereby offering them more control.
  • Security– Since the virtual servers are separated from each other they are protected from security threats.
  • Customization– This type of hosting can be customized to suit the requirements of each client.

When to Consider VPS Hosting?

Shared hosting plans are the best option for beginners whose requirements for resources are limited. However, as their business grows, so do the requirements for storage, security, scalability, and much more. 

Here are some situations when businesses should consider going for VPS hosting plans:

  • When their website requires enhanced security, more backup space, and improved website reliability.
  • The website traffic improves significantly and the current resources are inadequate to handle the same.
  • Increased content onthe website may require more storage space and the absence of the same may lead to slow loading of the pages.
  • Websites planning to add e-commerce features require more security, more resources and optimum performance to ensure that customers are not disappointed.

Businesses needing dedicated resources but having budget limitations can go for VPS hosting in India.


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