A Short Guide to Building a Career in Bioinformatics


With the onset of big data, its effects and significance across different industries are increasing with every passing day. This is a positive sign for life scientists who have their interests in bioinformatics, statistics, computer science, and similar skill sets.

The job scenario for such professionals is quite rosy. There are all sorts of companies, right from biotech, and software to big pharmaceutical manufacturers that are trying to employ experts with relevant skills in bioinformatics. This job growth is further fueled by the spur of imaginative research in bioinformatics.

Today’s bioinformaticists are in for an actual luxury.

With an apparently never-ending stream of biological data being generated from corner to corner, there is far above the ground demand for capable, knowledgeable professionals at the junction of biology, statistics, and computer science.

Professional  who can explore huge amounts of information and present it in an understandable way  to conclusion makers are finding the sky is the limit in terms of jobs and career pathways, especially in the big pharmaceutical and biotech sectors

What Is Bioinformatics And Why It Is Required?

Bioinformatics is actually the science of collecting and scrutinizing intricate biological data which includes genetic codes. This research generates a huge volume of information that is churned out by the research labs. This inherited information is then applied for the invention and improvement of gene-based drugs.

Career Opportunities in Boinformatics Industry

The bioinformatics industry is one of the fastest-growing industries. It is expected to be an extraordinary one in the next two decades and within ten years from now, it will transform into a major industry discovering the newest drugs. Globally it is expected to touch huge revenue which will, in turn, open up huge job opportunities in the market.

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What Type Of Candidates Does Bioinformatics Require?

Organizations these days seek cross-functional manpower. On one hand, biologists with IT skills are highly preferred and on the other hand, IT professionals having an interest in biology are welcomed too.

The competition these days is too high and hence just one skill is not at all enough. The more skill you have, the more stable your job becomes. Professionals who can provide complete cost-effective database solutions to the industry are appointed and highly appreciated is in trends.

What Work A Bioinformatician Does?

The major functions of a Bioinformatician are—developing IT tools representing new and systematic techniques, and implementing these tools so as to attain new insights into molecular biology.

Although it is too powerful in itself still it is just a part of Biotechnology. Just a DNA sequence code for a new protein is not enough and it will definitely not make it in use automatically. The information is actually needed to be converted into helpful processes.

Education Requirements

To become a Bioinformatics specialist, extensive formal education is mandatory. First of all graduation degree in biology is most important along with these additional computer science courses and advanced mathematics.

There are many universities all over the world offering a Master of Science or a Ph. D. program in Bioinformatics/Computational Biology. Special courses are also offered which is a plus for aspiring bioinformaticians. A graduation degree in computer science and engineering is also applicable for this course. Almost 2-5 years of study is required to complete the program.

According to professionals, nearly all successful bioinformaticians are the ones with a multitude of skills. The more you understand the essence of biology, the more expert you become in this job.

Recruiters basically look for doctorates in different fields such as molecular and cellular science, genetics, chemistry, biology, etc. There are many companies that seek proficiency in the biology of a particular disease.

Moreover, additional significant skills are essential for big data careers. For example, data integration, machine learning, ontology, etc. are a few of the highlighted skills required. If a candidate is looking forward to step-in into this huge industry then opt for these courses as it has huge scope globally.

They are also paid with a decent annual package globally along with great career growth. It is a booming industry at present and in the coming years, it will be one of the leading ones.

Bioinformatics also can lead to a higher position such as that of a Medical officer, because there are medical institutions, hospitals that are specifically dedicated to the trade of bioinformatics. You can easily apply to medical officer jobs with bioinformatics as one of your specializations.


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