8 Tips to Use Your MacBook To The Max


Mac has several capabilities, many of which may be more apparent than others. You must be able to do tasks on the Mac a little bit more quickly using this set.

1. Focused work through Mac setup

You can optimize your Mac for focused work through these aspects:

  1. Desktop

Your desktop is the first screen you see when your laptop starts up. Hence, your entrance into this domain, and regrettably, most individuals crash upon collision.

  1. Browser

Follow the “one tab policy.” The idea is to begin at zero rather than stick with one tab. When I started using Chrome, it would permanently be configured to “resume where I left off,” which would launch many distracting windows. Why did I come here? I would ask myself after wasting 20 minutes simply looking at what I had done previously. I would then truly begin. Only 20 minutes later.

  1. Navigation Process

On your Mac, you navigate to locate an application while you’re not currently using it. That’s binary. Commit yourself to work. Look for the application. Yes, you could desire a specific file or document, but even that is opened in a particular program, such as Keynote or Pages. It can be productive to work on the application. However, searching for files is time-consuming and can be a cost driver. Hence, it’s better to spend less time searching.

2. Sign a document using your Mac using a secret feature

You can use Preview to sign documents, which is one of many unknown MacOS features. The key concept is as follows: View the page you want to sign in Preview and select the pencil symbol at the top, followed by the signing icon. After being produced and saved on your phone, your name will be appended to your paper. You can also use this when you need a free program to sign anything from a car loan to a fieldwork authorization form.

3. Customize the menu bar and Control Center

It’s simple enough to use the Control Center—click the icon, choose the option you wish to modify, and then press Enter. Next, drag the icon from the Control Center and position it on the Menu Bar if you ever need quick access to any settings that are now part of it. For instance, you may reposition the Bluetooth icon, so it is easier to access and is back in the menu bar. Of course, the same applies to every other item in your Control Center.

4. Use a VPN

Mac users who treasure their online freedom and privacy or those who wish to access geo-restricted material can now utilize VPNs.

A VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, encrypts all internet data on a device and sends it via a middle gateway in a region of your choice.  The best VPN for Mac OS is VeePN. It is therefore perfect for torrenting, utilizing Kodi, safeguarding public wifi, bypassing location websites and applications (such as BBC, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.), and escaping censorship. They are compatible with all Macbooks.

5. Multitasking on a Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch simultaneously

You may already be utilizing continuity without even realizing it. You can continue a task on the Mac wherever you left it on your iPhone, thanks to the simple term that Apple employs to connect all Apple devices. Or even something that might appear straightforward, like making a call on your Mac, is Continuity. For instance, if you start composing a mail on the iPhone and decide to continue it on your Mac, you may click the Mail app icon, which will launch the composing window with your draft email waiting for you to conclude it.

6. Easy creation and sharing of iCloud Drive folders

With iOS 13 a few years back, Apple enabled people to sync iCloud Drive folders. It functions like uploading a file on Dropbox or OneDrive, except that the feature is built right into your Mac rather than a third-party service.

7. Use built-in Mac applications instead of Google Docs

Pages, Keynote, and Numbers are pre-installed on every Mac. These three applications are comparable to Microsoft’s Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, as well as Google’s Docs, Slides, and Sheets. One of Google Docs’ main advantages is sharing and working together in real-time with other users using your preferred web browser. Without a doubt, it’s a valuable tool that I use every day.

The folks you work with don’t even need to have a Mac because Apple’s suite of applications comes with a built-in collaboration platform of their own. By selecting the Collaborate option and submitting the invitation, you may invite someone to any document. From that, you could also control access controls and set password requirements.

Then, much as in Google Docs, you may collaborate on a text in actual time. Anyone with whom you collaborate may access the link, provide their name so that any edits are correctly attributed, and resume work in the file in Microsoft Edge or Chrome.

8. Your preferred iPhone and iPad apps can now be installed on your Mac

You can now use the same apps on various Apple Macs on your iPad or iPhone. That’s because the 2020 MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini all employ the new M1 Apple silicon CPU. It’s one of the numerous advantages to the Mac platforms that Apple’s switched away from Intel CPUs, along with faster performance and longer battery life. Use the Mac App Store search function to download the applications you want.


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