4 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Laptop

Buying a Laptop

While the specs are important, there is a lot more to look at when shopping for a new laptop. Looking at the spec sheets will not give you an idea of what the laptop would be like to own and use. This is why you need to look beyond them to avoid making the common mistakes people make when shopping for a laptop. We have rounded up four of the most common of these mistakes below. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Buying the Cheapest Laptop

It is understandable to buy a laptop depending on the budget you have. However, you should not buy a laptop simply because it is cheap. You need to pick a laptop within a range you can afford that does what you need it to. For example, you might find a computer with four cores that is cheaper than one with six. Picking the one with four cores, even though cheaper, means you end up with a less performant computer. Is the saving worth it?

Falling for Display Marketing

A good display is great for content consumption, gaming, and even productivity. Most people do not need anything more than a 1080P display unless they specifically need the higher resolution for a specific use case. A 4K display looks great and is significantly more expensive than a 1080 or 1440P one. Additionally, it can reduce your battery life significantly. Do you need the extra resolution? If not, go with the former two options and use your money elsewhere.

Not Considering the Size and Weight

When considering the size of a laptop, many people only look at the size of the display. The size of the display will determine the viewing, productivity, or gaming experience you get on a laptop, but it also affects other features on the laptop.

Your overall laptop size is usually only a few inches bigger than the size of the display, and this is why a smaller display translates into a smaller laptop. This translates into a smaller trackpad and cramped keyboard, both of which affect the laptop’s usability.

The weight will determine how portable your laptop is. A screen size of about 11 inches means you have a relatively light laptop, and you start getting into the gamer and heavy laptop territory at about 14 inches.

If you are looking for a portable gaming laptop that can give you amazing gaming performance, consider laptops that are 15 inches in size. Such a portable gaming computer is not too heavy but is large enough that manufacturers can fit powerful components inside their chassis.

Ignoring Available Ports

If you are going to be connecting any other devices to your laptop, you need to consider the types and number of ports you need. You might need Thunderbolt for a high-end display, USB-A for a mouse and HDMI for video. Someone else might need a completely different port configuration. Check before buying.

It is easy to make these common mistakes, especially if you do not shop for laptops often. Consider your needs and get a laptop that fulfills them at a price you can afford to pay.


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