Why Startups Must Focus on Android App Development? A Complete Overview!



When a huge percentage of the population is dependent on smartphones for either day-to-day work or to access information, it’s not surprising that online becomes more and more important. 

Today, mobile apps are the new frontiers of business. We have seen a huge shift from offline store to online, from website to mobile application.

Mobile apps are gaining immense popularity because they offer easy navigation, less storage space on servers, fast operation, and strong functionality.

What does Stats reveal?

On a global level, Android has taken over the smartphone market with 87.5% as compared to other OS-based smartphones. Moreover, last year Sundar Pichai stated that the adoption of Android devices has doubled in India and Vietnam in previous years.

There is no denying that Android has the biggest market share among all operating systems. As of the previous year, over 1.4 billion are active android devices leading to a heavy rise in android app development services in the industry.

Pool of Opportunities

Android platform is an excellent opportunity for startups as it’s installed on a majority of mobile devices across the globe. The challenge is to develop an outstanding Android app development that can win the hearts of users. 

Developing a mobile app is a somewhat highly complex job, yet rewarding and challenging at the same time. And if you are a startup developer, it should be your primary app for converting visitors into users. The idea of Android development can’t aid you in launching an app in the market but surely help in solidifying your presence from that point.

High Productivity

Android App Development is a highly preferred choice to develop apps and the reason behind this is plenty. Availability of libraries, creating app for multiple users at once, the huge user base for Android and lots more allow startups to reap the benefit of the Android App platform to stay ahead in the league.

Feature-Rich Applications with Customization Option

With its wide scope, it can be beneficial if you choose this open-source mobile app development platform for bringing more success to your business

A business always aims to gain a competitive advantage in the market through a distinctive offering. iOS users are known for spending more on content but the large user base of Android devices makes it an incredibly appealing platform for business owners seeking long-term profits.

Return on Investment

When you’re in an app development business, the cost of development is also a matter of great concern to a large extent. 

The cost of an application not just refers to the cost related to developing a singular mobile application. It is all about the cost related to maintaining and updating your entire application portfolio. 

Luckily Android apps share plenty of code, So it’s important that you hire the right Android app developer for your projects.  This can save you a significant amount during app development, testing, and updating phases.

Publicity and Customer Reach

An android application is economical compared to iOS app development, as Android is an open-source platform, you don’t have to pay any fees or subscriptions for publishing an application on Google Play. Android enables a startup to reach out to a large volume of audience and also offers flexibility in terms of designing, developing, and publishing the application.

Final Words

Starting a mobile app development company is not the easiest thing to do. It requires a lot of money and relies on a remote market. However, having decided to enter this sphere it is important not to lose heart since the prospects for the Android platform in terms of demand for applications are extremely large.

On top of all that, Android app development services come with their own advantages which are vital for any business to flourish and develop. 

Overall, Android app development is worth your time and money. Understanding why developers should opt for mobile apps on the Android framework and why startups should focus on it will help your business flourish in the future.

If you are looking to launch a mobile app for your startup, Moboder is the way to go. It is a leading mobile app development company that can transform your business with advanced technology.


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