Why is Plantation Important?

Why is Plantation Important

Planting trees has become the need of time. Environmental scientists are emphasizing increasing plantations as plants contain several benefits for the earth. Man has destroyed the natural ecosystem of the world by introducing artificial methods that have damaged the natural cycles in numerous ways. Every upcoming government campaign is now also focusing on the agenda of greener states and is working hard for the plantation of trees and reforestation. Since planting trees is necessary, if you are also thinking to take part in this, read this article to know the benefits of tree plantation.

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Purifies Air

The sedentary lifestyle has posed many health issues for the public. Especially respiratory and breathing problems have become much more prevalent among the masses who have to work and stay inside their buildings for longer. Industrial advancement has caused pollution that is quite alarming. Planting trees is beneficial as it purifies the air and allows people to breathe fresh and prevents the chances of respiratory issues. It also reduces air pollution, thus making the air cleaner for breathing.

Renewable Natural Resource

Trees are a renewable natural resource and are used in various manufacturing industries. Wood is needed for building houses, furniture, and other materials, thus it is important to replant trees so that the lumber supply never falls short. Sustenance of this renewable resource is crucial, therefore cutting trees or tree removal is a technical job, and should be carried out by professionals so that the tree’s growth doesn’t get disturbed.


Who doesn’t like greenery? Well, everyone likes to have a life around them and only trees and plants invite a warm living. Plants are always decorated and adorned for beautification purposes. People plant flowering and fruit trees in their gardens and get tree diagnosis done regularly to ensure their plants are flourishing. Offices, houses, parks, and almost everywhere you can notice plants being used widely for attractive purposes.

Provides Food

The consumer scale is increasing day after day as the world’s population is rising. Therefore the need for food has also increased. Trees and plants offer a great variety of vegetables and fruits. Fruit farms are installed, and vegetable farms are created to fulfill the elevating demand for food. Not only on larger farms but small-scale vegetation can also be carried out in your kitchen garden where you can plant daily use vegetables like tomatoes, green chili, lemons, etc. Similarly rearing fruit trees within a house’s garden is also much preferred among people to serve the plantation and food needs.

Controls Erosion

Plants are beneficial as they are quite beneficial for the soil and keep it intact. The roots of the trees and plants hold the soil together and thus the damage to the earth’s surface due to floods, or winds get reduced. Rains drops are also a threat to the soil; the leaves of the trees slow down the speed of rain droplets and break them, which prevents soil damage. Hence tree plantation is critical if you want to save the earth from the harms of climate change and devastations that lack of trees can cause. 


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