Memberships in Private Jets: The Ultimate Guide

Private Jets

Nothing compares to flying privately. Private jet travel is unmatched by other transportation options in terms of privacy, effectiveness, and convenience. You check in at the free FBO when you get to the airport. Your shoes are still on. You don’t need to wait in line with random people.

Private jet memberships’ beginnings

These memberships were an alluring lower-cost entry into the market for travelers who don’t often fly privately because they eliminated the hassle of aircraft leases and the expense of ownership.

Various membership types started to emerge as additional charter providers entered the market. There were numerous choices available for customers wishing for simple access to private jet charters, ranging from more traditional memberships with annual payments to jet cards with hourly maximums and minimums.

Hourly jet cards: Is the risk worthwhile?

Some jet card holders found themselves hopeless in 2020, just a few months after the COVID-19 outbreak started and airplanes all over the world were grounded. 

After depositing a jet card, they learned that the company they bought it from had filed for bankruptcy.

Like the providers, the ideas around jet cards crumbled after they left behind millions of dollars in prepaid jet card deposits.

Other Private Jet Charter Programs

Private jet memberships come in many different formats than private jet cards. The most common approach often charges an annual membership fee with a fixed hourly rate for a specific size aircraft. Let’s examine a few of the popular membership types.

  1. Private jet memberships

An annual membership fee is required up front for this kind of charter service, but the passenger receives a lot of benefits for that sum.

  • Locked-in hourly rates 
  • Priority access to aircraft 
  • Flexible flight cancellations
  • No fuel surcharge surprises 
  • Access to thousands of aircraft 
  • No surprise fees or charges

A private Jet Charter Membership with this kind of structure can be invaluable when the market is in high demand as it is currently. 

  1. On-demand charters

Flying on-demand is ideal for travelers who periodically charter jets and aren’t yet sure whether to sign up for private jet memberships. This kind of charter often provides a variety of aircraft from all categories and has a changing hourly charge. 

The best thing about this charter option is that there are no ongoing commitment costs, membership fees, or monthly dues. 

You call your private jet supplier, make a charter request, finalize the specifics, and then pay the bill.

  1. Private jet ownership 

Of course, owning your own private aircraft can be ideal if you plan to fly a lot each year. You can therefore fly whenever you choose. There are a few downsides, though. 

Many responsibilities come with owning an airplane, including:

  • Operating expenses include upkeep, gasoline, staff fees, insurance, etc.
  • Managing employees and hiring crew
  • Arranging travel, and more

It’s true that there are businesses out there that will handle these issues on your behalf, but it’s crucial to understand that this service will increase your outlay of funds.


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