What Not to Do at A Trade Show


After spending a lot of time and money gearing up for a trade show event, the last thing you are going to want to do is make mistakes that cost you big time. Businesses and companies go into these exhibits with goals in mind to increase clientele, display products, network and overall, to gain exposure. There are a few things that can specifically sabotage your chances of making those goals. These Don’ts are important to be aware of and you, as well as your staff, should try your best to avoid these things you should not do at a trade show. 

Be Distracted and On Your Phone

There is no bigger turn off than walking to someone’s trade booth and having everyone being distracted. Guests want to feel valued and engaged when looking into products. Social skills and general kindness and attention can go a long way with those who are in attendance. When you are distracted or on your phone, you send the message that you can’t be bothered with what you are doing or what anyone needs or might want. Being disengaged makes your guests feel uncomfortable and underwhelmed with your company and it can come across so negative. If this is not the message you are hoping to send to attendees, make sure you are fully engaged and you stay off your phone!

Attend and Exhibit at the Wrong Trade Show

Trade shows are typically separated into categories and you usually want to display at a trade show that matches your industry. If you do not research which trade show is the best for your business, you run the risk of showing up at the wrong one. Exhibiting at the wrong trade show means you will most likely generate less interest because people are attending to see the specifics of that industry. You will want to maximize your efforts by attending the trade show that matches your industry, picking one that generally has many attendees and one that has a pretty good reputation.

Not Have a Quality Display

People are not likely to engage with you, your company, your products, or your booth if you have a lame set design and display for your business. People are attracted to quality and clearcut designs that provide them with the knowledge they need to add products into their lives they may have not known they needed. Trade show displays offer you a quality layout to help encourage people to come on over. Displays that are overcrowded become hard to read and designs that aren’t popping leave people feeling unengaged. Do yourself a favor and get a quality, and custom display  so that you aren’t wasting your potential on an event where people will just pass you by. 

Having No Goals

You are not going to know what your objective for this event is if you didn’t start off with some well-rounded and achievable goals. The fastest way to get derailed in an endeavor like this is by not having structure and a common goal to work together on in order to make things happen. You are able to improve your business and increase your chances of success by creating goals you can measure and working towards them collectively. These don’t have to be complicated goals – the goal is just that you have them. When you are aware of what not to do and how you can be better, you create a better opportunity for success throughout this event. 


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