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What is ExponentHR

Suppose you are looking for a single-source HCM ( human capital management ) system for your company. And your purpose is to track your employees’ time and have good management based on the Performance of your employees in your company. Also, you want to make reasonable business goals and manage data and stats like Deliver, access, and acknowledge critical information with accurate analytics data.

Ok, so if you have all these features in single-source HCM ( human capital management ), you are in the right place because, in this article, we will talk about exponenthr.com, a tool with all these features.

So let’s start,

What is exponentHR?

ExponentHR is a single-source HCM ( human capital management ) that helps your company team with HR, payroll, benefits enrollment, time reporting, time-off tracking, expense reimbursement, etc. This software is specially made for your team and company management with accurate analytics data. To explore all these features, you need to create an account. And start to explore and take advantage of all the online capabilities.

Features of exponentHR

Using exponentHR, we get so many features that I have given below.

(Feature-1) If your team needs resources to get their jobs done right the first time. Our team connects with other teams, called Alliances, to amplify your organization with the power of ExponentHR.

  • Time Tracking: Ensure accurate pay and cost allocation.
  • Performance Management: Meet your business goals.
  • Data Management: Deliver, access, and acknowledge critical information.

(Feature-2) Through our platform, you have audit trails with every transaction delivered to the right manager at the right time. You’ll never have to worry again.

  • Rules-based Functionality: Maintain compliance with your rules.
  • Roles-based Access: Maintains need-to-know security around all data and functions.
  • Point-in-time Reporting: Keep track by historical or date-range-based audits.

(Feature-3) Data you can count on.

You might not know where you’re going — or what’s hurting you — until you see the big picture. With our analytics tools, you have the power to see it, fix it, and get back to being a hero.

  • Real-time Dashboards: Give actionable information to the people who need it.
  • Scheduled Reporting: Deliver critical information when you need it.
  • Data Correlation: Combine disparate data sets to get the full picture.

What is the benefit of using exponentHr?

Using ExponentHR will get many features that will help you in your team or company. These Features are:

(Benefit-1) Perfection to the last penny. (ACCURACY)

Payroll is no piece of cake. A minor miscalculation can add up to a major malfunction. As a result, your reputation — and your business — can be burned. Our team of experts will keep your cash where it belongs.

  • Rules-based Calculations: You set the rules, the system calculates the results.
  • Unlimited Pay Types: Sort variable pay types by hours, pieces, employee classification, project, activity, and many more.
  • Arrearage: Automate tracking of unpaid earnings and uncollected deductions.

(Benefit-2) Implementation that won’t nickel and dime you. (IMPLEMENTATION)

Companies need to evolve quickly and efficiently, so our implementation follows a three-step plan — strategy, tactics, and execution — and we do it right the first time.

  • Approach: Discovery-focused exploration ensures that we’re solving for the right things.
  • Methodology: Deliver effective results through a proven process.
  • Validation: It doesn’t cost you more for us to do it right.

(Benefit-3) Count on, robots. (AUTOMATION)

Our software does the work for you. Transactions can scale infinitely with the right processes in place, keeping you accurate, efficient, and powerful — all automated to cross your 10s and dot your W’s.

  • Initiation: Start automation with activities from employees and managers.
  • Workflow: Organizational structure automates workflow and provides re-routing capabilities.
  • Notifications: Provide alerts and reminders for transaction approvals.

How Do I Access the First Time User Set Up Option?

Now you want to make an account in ExponentHr. All you need to do is follow some simple steps.

Step-1  Open Google browsers or whatever browser you are using. You can also use that browser; after opening the browser, type ExponentHr.com. And click on the very first link.

Step-2 After clicking on the first link, you will redirect to www.exponenthr.com , and now you need to click on login on the top.

Step-3 After this, you will redirect to exponentHr, the logging page, and then you need to click on first-time user login Button.

After this, you will redirect to another page. You need to fill in the details very carefully and click on the submit button.

Note: If you face any problems while creating an account, you can look at this complete guide by just clicking here on the Link.

How to log in to the exponentHR website?

Ok just made an account on exponentHr, and now you want to know how to login into the website. This is very simple; you need to follow some simple steps.

Step-1: Go to the ExponentHR website, click on login, fill in your username and password, or click sign-in. Then you will be logged into the website.

Now at this point, you got the sign and successfully created your account.

How to connect exponenthr Suppots team?

How do we connect the exponentHR Support team?

If you are facing any problem and want to connect with the exponentHR Support team, you need to click here and redirect to the ExponentHR website supports page. They will provide you with the type of support. Sales or Support. Let’s see what kind of support you will get.


An ExponentHR Solutions Advisor will work with your team to identify your goals and tailor a solution to meet your business needs. Call now to speak with a Solutions Advisor.

SALES: 866.650.2445 or email sales@exponenthr.com


Call the number below to speak with an ExponentHR Support Representative. Remember, any member of your team or any employee in your organization can contact us directly at any time for assistance.

SUPPORT: 866.612.3200 or email support@exponenthr.com

ExponentHR Official youtube channels

If you are facing problem you can check ExponentHR official youtube channel.

Youtube channel link ExponentHR


In this article we talked about what is ExponentHR in detail and how you can create a account and how to set up the account and manage you team and company.

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