Web Design and SEO: Factors to Consider for Ranking

web designing
web designing

Web design and SEO come hand-in-hand. The user-friendly and appealing web design engages visitors and with effective SEO tips, the site can rank higher on Search Engine Results Pages.  Making a balance between these two leads to higher revenue and traffic.  Choosing an experienced digital marketing agency can be a great help to execute the components of web designing and SEO correctly for increasing organic traffic. Other than that, here in this article, we are defining the factors that define how web design and SEO confirm your site’s top ranking. Let’s find out!

8 Factors For SEO And Web Design Optimization

Website optimization for mobile users

We are aware of the fact that a good amount of online traffic browses the internet on mobile phones. Hence, it is essential to ensure that your website is fully-optimized for mobile users.  First, it confirms ease of use, and secondly yet most importantly it has a higher chance of top SEO ranking. Google considers mobile friendliness as a ranking factor. 

With a responsive web design, the users can easily access your site on every browser and device. Considerably, it is also essential to avoid making common responsive web design mistakes and know the strategies to avoid them. 

Good Readability for Easy Understanding

The next factor that ensures the site’s higher ranking is readability. Consider when the visitors are unable to read the site content and do not comprehend the useful information. What could be the consequences? They will move to other sites, resulting in a bounce rate to your site. 

It would be better to make the site content in a readable form. And, for that use bold and big Serif or Sans Serif Font on the site, copy blocks, and the headers for easy reading. Furthermore, using heading tags for structuring the content helps Google find out the vital parts of every web page. In all, this confirms improvement in SEO ranking. But, if you are highly confused about implementing the right strategies, an SEO company in Singapore is a great option for desired assistance. Generally, they are the experts to execute what is required to be and ensure the best results in return.

Usage of essential Coding Options

The web designer has limited choices for coding to show the website’s main design elements. Many prefer CSS and HTML because of the obvious advantages.

Though Flash may seem appealing to others, its optimization is challenging. Consequently, there are fewer chances of it ranking higher in search engines. It is advised to avoid using Flash to experience the consequences. Taking help from an SEO agency is advisable for those who are not versed well in the coding part. They have experienced and skilled professionals who know all the ins and outs related. 

Avoid Large File Size 

Considerably premium quality and large images appeal much, but they can harm the website loading speed. It is recommended to notify the designer of your hired web design companies in Singapore to use a small file size. 

Believingly, it can slow down the site speed.  As a result, there will be a dissatisfactory user experience and a higher bounce rate.

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Alt tags Are A Must

Similarly, alt tags are a must for the images as well. The Google Algorithm can easily track every activity on the images through alt tags. There are chances of your images to show up in the results if it is relevant to the user searched term.

Well, the alt tag should not be incomplete. It should describe accurately the content in the image. Additionally, the beginning of the sentence should be with a capital letter. 

Moreover, the alt tags contribute greatly to improving the accessibility of the website. It is beneficial for the visually impaired who are making use of a reader to view your website. They will understand all that is shown in the image and give a satisfactory experience. 

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Easy Navigation For Easy Accessibility

Navigation is one of the key elements in facilitating the user with a greater experience. Therefore, it is essential to keep the navigation of the website simple and easy. Additionally, it not only helps users to find what they are searching for but also increases the possibility of conversion.

Significantly, the simple-to-navigate website will cut down the bounce rate and uplift the ranking. This is because visitors will not be confused and can easily navigate the web pages to explore the information.

Assure Metadata Is Optimized

The meta tags or metadata include meta description and title tags. Basically, these are what shows in the Google search results. It is important to optimize the metadata. The meta description and title tag must have the post or page focus keywords to ensure a higher SEO ranking. There have to be 60 characters to the maximum in the title tag and 160 characters for meta description.

Concluding Remarks

Engaging web design and SEO-friendly site work collectively- there should not be any gap in between. Giving the users what they are expecting from your site is what you have to work on. Optimize the mentioned factors such as mobile responsiveness, readability, easy navigation, image files, alt tags, metas, etc. for top ranking in SERPs.

Is there any other factor we missed? Share your feedback!


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