Top 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t DIY Your Web Design

Web Design

DIY projects are the ideal approach to making some little financial savings and picking up a new skill.  Simply said, a DIY website won’t be able to compete with your rivals and is unlikely to get discovered online.

A bad website will cost your company money over time if you factor in the value of lost chances. This is related to the earlier post’s discussion of user interface vs user experience. So, you should opt for a website design Adelaide to overcome these problems. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t DIY your web design:

Less Professional Website Quality

If you build it, people will come. That won’t happen! Due to sheer volume, any new website will likely get buried in the sea of existing websites. You need a first-rate website of superior quality to reach your target audience. Businesses with poor websites lose authority and trust. Your website should be visually appealing, mobile-friendly, and responsive. If you create your website, you risk getting a poor design. Website construction tools, particularly the free ones, have a small selection of features and resources.

Search Engine Optimisation

Google is completely baffled by the little coding used to develop your website. Why is this important? Simply put, Google favours websites with clean, well-organized structures and good coding. It’s how it interprets the data on your website. Even if your website has the most admirable design in the world, if the coding is terrible, Google might as well ignore it. To get found on Google, you must rank for relevant search terms.


If Wix, Squarespace, or another company constructed your website, those companies still have the privileges to your website. If one of these businesses fails, your website will also fail, along with all your efforts, money, and clients. You would control the ownership of your website if Stoke Design Co. created it. After your website is finished, we provide care plans to assist with management and maintenance.

The Right Tools and Experience

Professional designers have the knowledge and skills to use these technologies to produce a website of the highest calibre. Furthermore, they can use the tools because it’s a requirement of their profession. You most likely won’t be able to utilise this software or resources if you create your website.

To create a truly great website, you can invest several months (or even years) learning how to utilise the tools. Alternatively, you may hunt for a qualified design marketing company Adelaide to complete your task. Not a difficult choice, is it?

Site Management

When you use a website builder, you are compelled to host your website exclusively on their servers. This can lead to a lengthy load time and a low SEO rating. You are imprisoned there. The domain address will contain its name if you choose the free option. You must pay a hosting cost if you link it to your domain. Over time, managing this will cost you the same as hiring a company to build you a website.


So there you have five reasons businesses should not choose DIY website design.  However, you won’t make much progress toward the outcomes you desire. You only have a little window of time to pique a visitor’s curiosity. An expertly developed website by professionals such as those by marketing company Adelaide has a significantly higher probability of success.


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