Top 10 ODI Batsmen In The World In 2022

ODI Batsmen
ODI Batsmen

It’s important to know about both 50-over matches and 20-over matches (T20s). Because of how the game is played, players who do well in Tests and Twenty20s may not do as well in One-Day Internationals. The players in One-Day Internationals need to be more patient and calm. Batsmen in one-day internationals have to have a certain level of skill and physical strength that not all players have. For them to be successful, they need to get to this level. Enjoy this post as you enjoy reading bbl live news about the great players.

  • Babar Azam (Pakistan) –

In all types of cricket, Babar Azam is the captain of the Pakistani national team. He is now considered the best batter in the world because he has 892 batting points in one-day internationals (ODIs). Babar has played in 89 games and scored 4442 runs, which is good for 59.2% of the time. Babar has scored 4000 runs in one-day internationals at a rate that is second only to Hashim Amlas.

  • Imam ul-Haq (Pakistan) –

Imam-ul-Haq is a batsman for Pakistan’s national cricket team. He bats with his left hand. With 815 points, he is now in second place in the ICC rankings for one-day internationals. With a batting average of 54.8 over 52 games, he helped score 2520 runs. Imam is only the second batsman from Pakistan to get a hundred in his first One-Day International. He got to 1000 runs in one-day internationals in the second-fastest time ever recorded. He moves faster than any other player.

  • Rassie van der Dussen (South Africa) –

Rassie is a batsman for the South African cricket team. He plays in the top order. He is now third in the ODI rankings, thanks to his 789 points. When he played in 38 games and scored 1525 runs, he had a great batting average of 69.3. Rassie was 38 years old when he hit a century against Pakistan. This made him the oldest South African cricketer to do so in a One-Day International.

  • Quinton de Kock (South Africa) –

Quinton is a South African cricketer who has been captain of the South African national cricket team in the past. With 784 points in one-day internationals, he has moved up the list to become the fourth-best player of all time. Quinton has played in 132 One-Day Internationals (ODIs), and his batting average is 46.2. He has scored 5774 runs so far. He is thought to be one of the best One-Day International cricket players. Quinton reached this milestone faster than any other South African player in One-Day Internationals (ODIs).

  • Virat Kohli (India) –

Virat Kohli was born and raised in India. He is a well-known figure in Indian cricket and was the captain of the Indian cricket team at one point. A pitcher who is thought by many to be one of the best in the world. He bats in the first three spots, but his main goal is to help his team score runs, not to score them himself. Kohli is in fifth place in the standings for One-Day International matches with 767 points. He has scored 12344 runs in 262 games, which is an average of 57.7 runs per game. Kohli is the first player in the history of international one-day games to reach 11,000 runs.

  • Rohit Sharma (India) –

Rohit Sharma is the captain of the Indian cricket team and is also known as one of the most aggressive batters in the world. Rohit is currently ranked sixth in One-Day Internationals (ODIs) and has a total of 763 points. He played in 233 games and scored 9375 runs, which is an average of 48.6. Rohit is a good batsman, and the Indian cricket team is lucky to have him on their team. He has the record for the most runs ever scored in a One-Day International match (264). Rohit is the first batsman in the history of the World Cup’s One-Day International format to score at least 200 runs three times.

  • Ross Taylor (New Zealand) –

Ross Taylor used to be one of the best cricket players in New Zealand. He has played in international tournaments. With 744 points, he is now ranked seventh in the world for ODIs. Taylor is the first player from New Zealand to play 100 games in all three types of games. This makes him a pioneer in the sport. He played in 236 one-day internationals and scored 8607 runs for a batting average of 47.50 throughout his career. Only four other cricketers have ever scored a hundred on their birthday, so he is one of a small group of players who have done this.

  • David Warner (Australia) –

David Warner is a former captain and a star in all types of cricket. He has led the Australian team in all three types of games. Warner has a total of 737 points and is currently in ninth place in the overall ODI standings. In 133 games, he has scored 5610 runs, which is an average of 44.8 runs per game. Warner is thought by many to be one of the best hitters in sports history. In one-day internationals, his best performance at the batting crease came against Afghanistan (179). Warner set a new standard for batting in Australia by being the only player in history to score seven hundred in One Day Internationals in a single calendar year.

  • Jonny Bairstow ( England) –

Jonny Bairstow plays cricket professionally for the English team. He now has 732 points, which puts him in ninth place in the ODI standings. Bairstow has played in 95 games and has scored 3,634 runs, giving him an average of 46.50 at the plate. Jonny Bairstow, an English cricketer who plays in one-day internationals, made history in 2018 when he became the first English batsman to score three consecutive hundreds. He is the only English player in the top 10 of the ICC rankings for One-Day Internationals (ODIs).

  • Aaron Finch (Australia) –

When there are only a certain number of overs, Aaron Finch is in charge of the Australian cricket team. He has played in ten One-Day Internationals so far. He has a total of 715 points and is currently ranked tenth. Many people think that Finch is one of the hardest hitters in the whole world. He played 140 one-day internationals for his country and scored 5,375 runs, which is an average of 42. Finch is thought to be one of the best hitters in the history of ODIs because he has 17 hundred, the highest of which was 153.

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