A Discussion of The Main Causes of Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Car accidents both fatal and non-fatal can be caused by many factors. Whilst some are due to human error and some are not, as drivers we have a responsibility to drive safely on our roads. In June 2020, there were approximately 1,195 deaths on Australian roads. Whilst the figure continues to decrease, many of the main causes for car accidents seem to be due to the driver’s behaviour and careless decisions. Here are the top main causes of car accidents that we should be avoiding/looking out for.

Distracted Drivers

One of the main causes of car accidents are distracted drivers. I think we’ve all seen our fair share of people at the wheel on their phone whilst driving. Distracted driving includes sending a message, talking on the phone and even eating food. All these activities take our attention away from the road. This cause for car accidents can only be blamed on the individual driving carelessly. As drivers we have a responsibility to not only drive safely for other road users but for ourselves and any potential passengers we may have.  Should you be injured in a car accident and require help with your claim you should contact a car accident lawyer Perth.

Under the Influence

Driving under the influence is a complete no go, and whilst such behaviour is highly frowned upon, many still take the risk to sit at the wheel. Driving under the influence relates to alcohol and drugs. The effects of such on someone’s driving can decrease reaction time and make some more confident at the wheel, resulting in careless driving decisions. Whilst we’ve all had our fair share of trips to the pub that may have lasted longer than expected, it’s best to avoid driving. You should also contact wills Perth to update your Will given the risks of driving.  In Australia, 30 per cent of road accidents that resulted in a fatality were caused by drivers over the alcohol limit.


In 2020, speeding was found to be the main cause of fatal car accidents in Australia. Whilst it can make driving that little bit more exciting, exceeding the speed limit can decrease your reaction time. Especially within built up residences with children running about, drivers are still pressing their foot on the gas a little too much. Even on cold and icy conditions, many road users still ignore the speed limit signs. No one needs to or should exceed speed limits. If you have somewhere to be, aim to leave earlier to give yourself enough time.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving puts everyone at risk. The sudden lane change, consistently switching lanes and disregard of all drivers around you can cause fatal car accidents. Reckless driving can also affect other road users, as they themselves may have to result to reckless driving such as sudden braking to avoid crashes. Resulting in a domino effect of collisions. Car accidents relating to this style of driving can also be caused by tailgating cars in front. Having had an accident you might require assistance from compensation lawyers Perth.

Fatigue Driving

We all live busy lives which can sometimes take the energy out of us. And if they commute to work by driving, a fatigued driver poses many risks on the road, making it unsafe for themselves but also other drivers. Reported by the Transport Accident Commission in Victoria, approximately 20 per cent of fatal road incidents involve a fatigued driver. Fatigue driving doesn’t necessarily mean driving at night. It relates to exhaustion, driving for long periods and driving when you may normally be asleep. This dangerous driving reduces the driver’s ability to respond, react and be fully aware of the road and their surroundings.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions not only affect how we drive but also how the car reacts. Especially in the winter where you’re faced with rain, fog, snow and ice, drivers need to adapt their driving to be more cautious when on the road. If you’re not sticking to the speed limit you can easily lose control as tyres can lose grip in severe weather conditions. Vehicles sliding on the road at high speeds can cause a fatal car accident involving other road users and also objects and pedestrians that may be situated near roads.

Car accidents can easily be avoided. There are many preventative measures we can take as drivers so as to make our roads safer. For example, use the ‘do not disturb’ feature on our mobiles when driving. Human error accidents can be avoided through educational tools and workshops, informing and reminding drivers how they should behave on roads. Whilst weather conditions are out of our hands, the use of educational courses/seminars can teach people to be aware of how the weather and road condition impacts our driving so that they can drive appropriately and safely at all times.


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