Technology Transfer Case Study – Pathfinders for Independent Living, Inc.


Pathfinders, a nonprofit organization for independent living, was launched after the passage of the Disabled Americans Act (ADA). Its main value is self-esteem. Pathfinders has a culturally friendly partnership. Pathfinder’s IT management has introduced a network infrastructure design and development project that provides security for sensitive data, data storage, Internet access, e-mail access, modern applications, equipment and user training. Climate change will affect Pathfinder’s organizational structure and culture. This article discusses changes made due to technological changes.

Technology exchange

The technical exchange describes measures aimed at improving the scale-up process by adapting new applications. Auxiliary technology minimizes the shortcomings experienced by the disabled during their daily activities. Some of these technologies include shortcuts, Braille computer monitors, infrared display devices, prosthetics, and utilities. It is the responsibility of independent living professionals to encourage and encourage Pathfinder users to use these technologies.

Independent biologists help consumers identify the technologies they need, apply for funding to buy technologies, and educate the public about various technologies. However, in order to provide its customers with services, Pathfinder had to adapt to existing IT.

Technology Exchange Strategy

Recognizing the link between technology transfer and process improvement is key to revising Pathfinder. An increase in productivity, a reduction in costs, or a fundamental change in the system, technology cannot be changed without affecting the process or the people who use it. Many important issues had to be addressed in order to successfully transfer technology. They are divided into several categories; Technical problems, changes in practice, changes in culture.

Technical questions

Pathfinders will be connected to the information age with new computers, file servers, network printers, local area networks (LANs) and Internet access. The installation process requires that you install the computers before deploying them to Pathfinder, and then access the Office site to create networks and install devices. Computers are standard in Microsoft applications. Software installation exercises after installing the network, etc. With the installation of the infrastructure, each independent life expert and executive director was able to access personal accounts, email and the Internet.

Designing and building a training center allows anyone to learn more about computer and office applications. Pathfinders offered several key courses. In addition, computer books were available for use with computers to learn how to use programs. Internet access is provided. Funding has been allocated with federal funding to support the change in technology.

Changes in process

Before the technology changed, there were only two computers for staff, these computers were very old, and DOS applications were running. Employees were forced to share computers or use typewriters to complete the correspondence. Data is stored in dispatchers and hard drives. Internet access for research has been created by accessing a local library that saves people valuable time. The installation of a new infrastructure has significantly changed the way employees work. Infrastructure changes have made it possible to access the Internet in real time, improving user data and information security.

Changes in culture

Before deploying the technology, employees consistently maintained their knowledge of the tools available in Pathfinder. There have been major changes in employee dynamics with the division of the network. The imbalance of knowledge and workload has created a lung atmosphere. Some employees make every effort to improve themselves and their workflows to embrace the advancement of technology. He explored the educational opportunities offered by Pathfinders and increased his knowledge of computer applications. Productivity has increased for these individuals, and Pathfinders has increased customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, in addition to these differences, there were a small number of employees in the position. Most of the time these people complained that they could not work with the provided tools or asked for help from the employee.


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