Six Things to Love About iTop VPN


Several VPN service providers in the market are trying to claim the top spot as the best. Among the top contenders is iTop VPN. It is a product of iTop, a company that spares no effort in offering top-grade computing utilities. Other products under the iTop banner include data recovery software, a screen recorder, and a smart game booster.

Back to the VPN, it is one of the best services, noticeable in different aspects. We present you with things to appreciate about this VPN for Windows.

1. You Can Use It for Free

Many VPNs claim to offer free services, but few of them are actually free. iTop VPN is an exception as it delivers on its promise of a free VPN. Using it is straightforward and does not require you to register. You visit the website and pick the free version. Download, install and launch the program before browsing.

It hides your device’s address, and you can change your location. You have a 700MB data bandwidth with this VPN version.

2. Affordable Premium Plans

You must upgrade to premium plans to unlock more features that make the VPN more functional. The available plans are 12-month, 24-month, and 36-month. Occasionally, you will find the 3-month package.

The subscription fee is $11.99 per month, a great bargain as these plans present you with many resources. More good news: iTop VPN offers amazing discounts on its plans. Instead of the mentioned fee, you pay $3.99 for the 12-month plan and $2.31 for the 24-month. The 36-month package costs $1.66, an 86% discount. The 3-month plan goes for $6, billed at $17.99.

3. Multiple Device Support

You can use iTop VPN on various operating systems, such as Mac and Windows. While it is primarily a VPN for PC, it also has a smartphone version compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. When signed up for the premium packages, one account can support up to five devices.

4. It Is  Secure Utility

Security is a crucial factor to consider when getting a utility for your PC. iTop VPN is secure, owing to its stable architecture and infrastructure that prevent malware attacks. It has a strict privacy policy that safeguards your information. Also, you can use it to stop trackers, ads, and viral attacks on your device.

5. An Efficient Customer Support Team

iTop VPN has an efficient support team that is available round the clock. You can reach out to the team if you have any problems with the VPN. A representative will promptly respond to your queries and do their best to ensure you get back to what you were doing as early as possible.

6. Access Restricted Content

We have all been victims of geo-restricted content. This is not a problem you will have to deal with once you bank on the services of this iTop product. It grants you access to over 1800 VIP servers worldwide, meaning you can beat geo-restrictions, regardless of your location.


These are some of the attributes to love about iTop VPN. Have a great browsing experience by downloading this best VPN in UAE on your device.


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