Reasons Why It’s Better to Learn on an Electric Piano


There are many reasons to buy a piano. It is often hard to determine which one suits your needs with so many models to choose from. For most people who lived before the digitization age, the standard was the classical acoustic piano with hammers andsteel-wire strings.

With the turn of the century, people have looked for better sounds using technology. The electronic piano features better quality sounds with the use of electronics. It still has hammers, but it is for capturing the dynamics of the sound.

Moreover, using an electric piano is a better alternative when learning musical skills for several reasons. First, it is a better buy and cheaper than a grand piano or an acoustic one.

Get the Same High-Quality Sound of a Grand Piano

Sound sampling in electronic keyboards has come a long way since it first appeared during the late 1920s. Nowadays, it is possible to get life-like sounds from these instruments, given sound technology and speaker quality improvements.

It means that amplifications are more precise and more realistic compared to the previous keyboard versions of the old. Even piano models with virtual resonance simulate a soundboard’s full resonance scale.

It is much better to perform your first using an electric keyboard when learning to play the instrument because they have better acoustics. It will allow you to have the same acoustics level as a grand piano. Or practice with the capacity to tune the keyboards or adjust their velocity settings to fit your playing style.

Get the Same Touch Experience of an Acoustic Piano

One of the reasons it’s always better to start your piano lessons with an electronic keyboard is the improved technology. For over a decade and a half, the touch and feel of an electronic keyboard have improved.

The electric piano requires light touches and slight pressure instead of the lifeless keys associated with acoustic keyboards. Features like keyboard velocity adjustment also make the piano appealing for beginners.

Electronic pianos are also much more responsive compared to traditional instruments. A classic piano instrument has mechanical components with more resistance because of the wooden hammers. However, the electronic versions have velocity-sensitive touches, making them better for starting your piano lessons.

Get the Convenience and Portability You Need in a Piano

Electronic pianos are much lighter and more compact than other instruments of the same form. A console can also come with a cabinet, so it feels and looks more like a traditional piano. However, it weighs less than an acoustic piano and is much more convenient when carrying around.

You can also easily take apart an electronic keyboard for quick storage. However, since its design is for stage performances, it can fit well in your vehicle when on the road for performances. An electric piano value is less than an acoustic or grand piano in terms of costs.

It has lesser maintenance needs and does not occasionally require tuning. Electronic keyboards also have recording capabilities. You can register a performance and review your progress or connect it to an audio recorder and replay your piece for a good critique.

An electronic piano makes a good teaching tool, particularly for those just beginning their career as skilled pianists. It has a complete set of piano keys, so you acquire the skill to play an acoustic or grand piano. 


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