Our Dedicated Streaming Server leads you to enjoy a Great Streaming Experience


A dedicated streaming server has many advantages as it leads you to enjoy a better streaming experience. Of all the players in the industry, the most famous one is the WebCare360™, which offers one of the best DMCA ignore streaming servers with high capacity & robust network, offering the best experience to everyone. They have incorporated enterprise-level hardware and other systems. Their offshore streaming servers and a powerful network are powerful enough to power any bandwidth-demanding task and other stuff. There are many reasons to choose WebCare360™ as your hosting partner, but we will discuss some important ones.

  • Large Resilient Network- WebCare360™ has one of the largest resilient networks making it an obvious choice for most consumers. They have world-class data centers that are spread across the globe. Every data centre has a backup system, thus making it almost impossible to go offline, even in the worst cases.
  • Reliability & Uptime- The other benefit of choosing the WebCare360™ as one of your reliable hosting providers is that it offers unmatched reliability that is designed to provide a provision of a fully redundant server that is built for 99.99% network uptime, making it the obvious choice for most of the developers and people who care about data privacy.
  • Dedicated Port- The other benefit of choosing the dedicated port is that you get a faithful port with this. The port that is assigned will always be fully dedicated to unmetered traffic so that you can enjoy uninterrupted service all the time. WebCare360™ guarantees you want uninterrupted services all the time without any interruptions.
  • Low latency- The other benefit of choosing the WebCare360™ hosting services is that you get common latency services. The streaming network can transfer and process requests without delay, thus making all the operations real-time. All these functionalities make it the obvious choice for all users looking for lag-free hosting services.
  • Quick Setup- WebCare360™ is also quite easy to set up, thus making it quite easy. A person with limited technical knowledge can easily set up the hosting services. Anyone who is looking for reliable hosting can set up the service. The only thing that they need is an internet connection and a smart device.
  • DMCA Ignore Streaming Servers- The other reason to choose the WebCare360™ hosting service is that it is a DMCA Ignore Streaming server, meaning you can host all sorts of content that does not violate the law but promotes individual rights and privacy online. WebCare360™ servers cost less, work faster, and are more reliable than most hosting providers.
  • Faster Streaming Servers- WebCare360™ offers guaranteed port speeds of 1gbps to 10gbps and 20Gbps offshore streaming servers with unmetered traffic so that you make the most out of the network. If you are online and looking for a reliable hosting provider, then there is no better option than WebCare360™.


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