Mobile Proxies: Everything you Ever Wanted to Know

Mobile Proxies

What are mobile proxies? They are gateways that assign your device mobile IP addresses. Instead of the residential IP or a virtual private network. They make it look like you are connected to the internet through a mobile data network.

Instead of using real IP addresses to connect to the internet, you can establish an internet connection using your device’s IP address. This way, you’re able to connect to mobile proxies. It prevents third parties from seeing your location as well as your real IP address.

The best thing about mobile proxies is that they have 3G, 4G, and 5G connections. These technologies are used by portable devices to mimic real internet connections. It helps to make mobile proxies unique and authentic.

Remember that mobile proxies can provide users with real IP addresses. They also remain undetected by online security and safety mechanisms.

So how do mobile proxies manage to keep your IP address and other information private? Well, they mask your real IP address by gathering your browsing requests. They then send them through their IP addresses instead of yours. All the responses you expect are sent to the proxy, which forwards them to your device. This helps to give you online anonymity.

How Mobile Proxies Work

Like residential proxies, mobile proxies use gateway software on any type of device. They then assign a specific type of IP belonging to a mobile data network to your device.

To access the internet, your mobile device will start by connecting to a mobile cell tower. This is where it will get assigned an available IP address. Various mobile IPs belonging to the same network can connect via the same tower.

Note that you can use a mobile proxy from any other device that’s not a phone or a tablet. But this is only possible if the proxy uses mobile hardware that allows the device to read a sim card. Mobile IPs are assigned by the mobile network carrier and as such, they have access to all IP addresses associated with this carrier.

An important characteristic of mobile proxies is that the IPs assigned aren’t unique. This works to your advantage if you’re looking to hide your intentions online.

If you plan to buy mobile proxies, visit Rayobyte proxies and register on their website. Simply click to sign up. You will be required to input your details and choose the subscription you want. You will then choose the package type that you want and set your proxy type. This can be rotating, semi-dedicated, or a residential proxy.

Advantages of Mobile Proxies

Mobile proxies come with a wide range of benefits. Here are some of them:

  1. Access to Region-Specific Content

Geoblocking is a barrier to tracking competitive data. Organizations use these proxies to collect geo-specific data without IP bans.

When using a mobile proxy, your IP address can get changed each time you make a request. This helps you to access content that’s available in their region. It also enables you to scroll mobile-first websites. 

  1. Ad Verification

This is the measurement of whether an online ad was subject to human traffic. It also helps to determine whether it was displayed in the desired location and to the desired audience. The ad fraud scheme prevents ads from getting delivered to the intended audience.

According to reports, it’s estimated that businesses will lose up to $65 billion by 2023 due to ad fraud. Now you understand why the ad verification tool is important. It helps to ensure that digital ad spending doesn’t go to waste. Here is why ad verification is important:

  • It enables organizations to parse the traffic not delivered to their audience. They can then calculate a more realistic reach for their online campaigns.
  • It enables organizations to track their brand’s reputation. This can be done by ensuring that their ads get displayed on credible sources.

It’s not possible for organizations to monitor every ad, especially if they run multiple campaigns. That’s why they need to integrate mobile proxies into their web scrapers. This enables them to crawl websites at different times without getting blacklisted. 

  1. Scraping Data from Social Media Accounts

Scraping web data enables organizations to use mobile IPs to bypass IP bans and captcha. Captcha is a type of website security technique. It recognizes scraping bots and prevents them from accessing websites. This helps to minimize web scraping practices.

Mobile proxies, however, are used to deal with such issues and allow web scraping bot access. Instead of static IP addresses, they use dynamic IPs. And whereas static IP addresses do not change over time, dynamic IP addresses get regular updates and change over time. This helps to boost privacy and anonymity.

Mobile proxies also help organizations with the management of various social media accounts. They provide social media managers with different IP addresses. This enables them to access multiple accounts without experiencing IP bans.

If you log out of one social media account and log into another, their IP address remains the same. That’s because they’d be using a wireless or mobile network.

This is important because social media platforms deny users access if they create multiple accounts with the same IP address. Such situations are avoided with the use of mobile proxies as you get assigned different IPs. 

  1. Faster Internet Connections

There are many reasons why you should be using mobile proxies. First, these proxies provide a faster and safer internet connection. They also allow you to disable the direct download 2A fast cash storage system, thereby improving the internet speed.

We all love a fast internet connection especially if you are in a location where the internet is slow. You simply want to scroll through social media or enjoy watching videos on YouTube. 

  1. Blocking Cookies

Cookies are some of the most annoying things on the internet. They are essentially adverts that pop up depending on the kind of content you’re interested in. The problem is that they always get in the way and some are inappropriate for children.

Using a mobile proxy enables you to block cookies so as not to see them. Also, cookies are the only real online footprint of internet users. It’s believed that they can be used to track your online habits. You can prevent this tracking by using mobile cookies.

Final Take Away

Many internet users browse the internet using mobile devices. That’s considering that smartphones and tablets allow us to work from anywhere. The increasing importance of using mobile devices has also increased the need to secure our devices and data.

Mobile proxies are a solution to the present and future of data security and privacy. They can scrape your competitor’s site when looking to access restricted content and a lot more.

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