How to work together with remote teams successfully


As IT service providers, we get many unhappy clients who previously had a bad experience. Many clients faced issues regarding communicating with remote teams. It causes many operations failure and business turns into low growth.

Below are some best tips and recommendations for clients and IT support companies to work collaboratively with better techniques and understanding. You can have a smooth and effective working mode with developer teams and organizations by working on the following tips.

The basic technique to look upon in collaboration is transparency and admiration of each other decision and working approach. Try to consider each other’s dignity if anyone of you misunderstands each other.

Following are some tips to work along with each other. And have smooth yet productive communication with each other.

Some tips for business owners or clients:

  • Make sure to document every requirement: Make sure to make it simple and short. A comprehensive specification or generally saying to make it like another one. This is when developers and clients get misunderstood as developers are unknown about their specific and clear tasks or pipelines. Try to document it about your requirements and details of what you want.

Netlogix believes in transparency and clarification. We start any project with complete requirements and specifications. We try to investigate all your needs and targets.

  • Practical estimation of time, cost, and productivity: To achieve the best output in productivity. We should focus on achieving all these three factors. But it isn’t easy to maintain, so the best option is to go for a maximum of two.
  • Be Compassionate: ask your IT service provider professionals to be quick while giving feedback. Make quick decisions and save your time. Focus on what is accurate and important for you. Providing accurate and right technical solutions at the right time is all you need.
  • Regular check-ups with external IT management teams: Regular basis meetings and discussions through calls improve alignment. It allows you to have a better know-how of each team. Discuss solutions and have daily updates on projects that are in the pipeline.
  • Have proper conversations about your company goals and targets: Make sure to discuss your goals and customers’ targets you want to achieve so that both teams should work collaboratively to achieve the best target and growth you admire.

Things to do from the IT service developers’ side:

  • Make a list and plan before starting any project: Check and mark your deadlines. Check your regular milestones and make sure to achieve them. Try to make track of these goals every week, which will be constructive in reports that you can share with clients.
  • Make a report and document all your solutions and quick fix ways in documents: Try to make reports of every update and solution you offer in different problems. Document all your technical and product solutions to be a lot easier for you to represent to clients. It would be useful in future testing and development stages. It will become a guideline for new team members.
  • Regularly use a task management system and keep it tracked: make sure to use a task management system where you can update complete project working, all your assigned tasks, and comprehend blockers of your projects.
  • Take care of assumptions: make sure to share regular updates and progress, which will help you align all your targets. It will save you and your team from future delays. Any important decisions which will require timely decisions will be dealt with on time and will not affect plans.
  • Regular call meetings with clients: Having regular discussions will bring both parties on the same page and allow you to discuss questions and their solutions. It will bring you close together irrespective of distance.
  • Discuss and elaborate the decision you make: Try to give an overview of all the advantages and disadvantages of specific solutions you provide. Make sure to keep it simple and easy to understand, not too technical. Netlogix has been providing its services for past years, and today we are considered well known in the field of IT support providers in Dubai.
  • Be productive: If any problem arises, make sure to offer solutions and suggestions rather than blaming anyone.
  • Make sure to lead on ultimate business goals: Making decisions on specific problems. Keep in mind the business goal you ultimately want to achieve and the fastest and secure way to achieve it.
  • Analysis of your work: Try to have a Quality Assurance engineer in your team. And if you are unable to have it, then make sure you offer good quality software to your client. Properly update them and notify your clients regularly.

We netlogix follow sound principles while working with variant clients. We are one of the best IT service providers in Dubai delivering top products and having outstanding communication with our clients.


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