How to Protect Your Privacy Online During a Divorce?


Divorces can be emotionally draining and stressful, and due to the online advancement, social media can add up to your troubles. Protecting your privacy during your divorce process is essential. People commenting on your circumstances and providing unsolicited advice can negatively affect your mental health. 

Hiring a Boston divorce attorney is the first step toward protecting your privacy online. An experienced divorce lawyer will explain all the necessary measures to avoid unnecessary online trouble and make your divorce process as straightforward as possible. 

Tips to protect your privacy online during a divorce?

  1. Stay away from social media.

While social media today is a massive part of everyone’s lives, it is best not to post any information about your divorce or personal life until your divorce is final. Social media has two main disadvantages. 

Oversharing on social media can lead to unwanted attention, affecting court judgment. In addition, posting intimate details of your life can be used as pieces of evidence against you in your divorce case, so be very careful about what information you are letting out on social platforms. 

Furthermore, seeking support from social media by posting negative things about the opposite party can display a bad image of you. The court might consider this defaming and will give the upper hand to your spouse. 

  1. Seal your case by filing a motion

Not many people know this, but your divorce case records and information are open to the public. Anyone can review your case and spread the information in the documents. 

The safest option is to ask your diver attorney to seal your case by filing a motion. This way, you can ensure your privacy, and nothing goes on the internet or anywhere else.

However, until the court grants the motion, your case will be open to everyone. So act quickly.

  1. Think before answering personal questions

The phrase ‘Think twice before you speak’ can benefit you in your divorce. Whenever you are asked any question about your divorce or personal life, be very careful before speaking about anything. 

Divorce can be challenging, and you might confide in your family and friends. Keep control of the information you give out. The best option is to deny discussing your case or personal life. Before giving out any information, you must talk to your divorce attorney. 


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