How to Plan a Home Renovation in 2021?


The work from home scenario has made more and more people look for ways to create more space or specific work corners in their homes. With the right home renovation steps, you can make your home a great workspace too. And, it’s easy to fund the home renovation. Instant personal loans are available online and are the best option in such a scenario since they are unsecured loans and do not require the submission of any collateral or security. The main criterion for sanctioning such loans is the creditworthiness of a person and his income to debt ratio.

Steps to Plan and Fund Your Home Renovation This Year

Approach an Architect

The first step in planning for your home renovation is to decide what all changes you need and approach an architect for chalking out the finer details. This is essential for getting an estimate for the renovation work thereby helping you plan out your finances and check whether you need to file an instant personal loan application.

Check Your Own Funds Position

Once you have the estimate for carrying out the necessary changes to renovate your home, you need to assess your own financial position. This requires checking how much savings are available to you and how much of that must be kept aside for paying off your dues whether credit card bills, other bills, or any existing loans. After doing this you will have a clear position about the spare funds available with you and whether they are enough to meet the renovation expenses. If not, you need to look for alternate finance avenues like low-interest personal loans.

Do Some Research

Now you know that you need to borrow some funds for funding your home renovation do some research about lenders who offer online personal loans for the amount required by you. Also, compare the interest rates being charged by them and the other terms and conditions associated with such loans. Such information is easily available online and can be compared to zero in one or two lenders to whom you can consider applying.

Check Your Credit Score

An important step in getting an instant personal loan online is to ensure that you have a good credit score. CIBIL or credit scores of 700 and more are viewed favorably by most lenders. Your creditworthiness is measured through your track record in paying off your dues on time, not having any pending payments, and making timely repayments of any existing loans that you may have. A lower credit score does not mean that you cannot get a loan, but you can get it at higher interest rates.

Submit Your Loan Application

Once you have checked your eligibility and ensured that you have a good credit score you can submit the instant personal loan application online or personally. Do not forget to keep your documents proving your identity and showing your income details ready since they must be submitted or uploaded for the fast processing of your application. Again, apply only to one or two lenders and not multiple lenders as it can do more harm than good for you.

Once your loan application is sanctioned and the loan amount is disbursed you can go ahead with your home renovation plans.


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