How to clean your 4D acrylic & 3D Gel Number Plates


In the current era, many people come across different vehicles with number plates. But, the vehicle owners need to maintain such plates as they drive the vehicle often. They always need to treat the number plates just like a set of 2D plates.

So, if you are looking forward for extra glossy shine, then keep reading this article. Through this article, we have covered more about how you can clean the 3D gel and 4D number plates.

What must you consider while cleaning 4D acrylic number plates?

While you’re concerned about cleaning 4D number plates, the process is different from cleaning the 3D gel number plates. Most of the time, you can apply some snow foam across the plate and its letters. A bit later, you can spread the foam evenly and gently using a detailing brush. Afterward, you can rinse the plate thoroughly with water. At the end, you have to use a soft microfibre towel to make the number plates dry.

Apart from the process stated above, you can clean the number plates through a different way. First and foremost, you need to make the plates dry with the help of a compressed air line. You can also dry the plates effectively with a blow dryer. But, it’s not advisable to apply polish and wax for such kind of plates. If you apply polish, then it will be difficult to remove excess polish or wax from the plate.

Towards the end, you must try removing mud and stains to make the plate shine. Regardless of what steps you follow, you must never rub the plate aggressively. Apart from everything else, you must always use a soft brush which has fine bristles. Never think about using a brush which has bristles made from metal. Once the metallic bristles come in contact with the plate, then it can gouge the plate and cause many scratches.

How can you clean 3D gel number plates?

When you’re about to clean 3D gel number plates, you can will first think about using household polish. Once you apply the polish, the plates will always appear to be absolutely beautiful. But, if you want the plate to appear shinier, then you can consider using the usual car cleaning products. While you clean the 3D gel number plates, you also have to treat them just like the usual 2D plates.

Among the different types of products, we recommend you to use polish which contains resin and wax. Besides, you can consider some tips before you clean the number plates. Once you start mopping the plate using a sponge or a wash mitt, you must use adequate amount of polish.

On the other hand, when you clean the plate carefully, you should avoid bringing your nails close to the plate’s surface. If the plates come in contact with the nails, then it can ruin the overall appearance.

Moreover, you must not use sharp scrubbers because it can lead to scratches on the number plate. If you’re looking for some extra shine, then you must look for certain products available in the market. You can also think about visiting an online store to choose the most suitable cleaning product.


There are different ways through which you can clean a 4D acrylic number plates and 3D gel number plates. When you want to clean a 4D number plate, you need to apply some snow foam and spread it gently using a soft brush. Later, you need to wash the plate with water under high pressure.

Eventually, you have to wipe the plate using a soft towel. On the contrary, you have to use a sponge while you’re cleaning a 3D gel number plate. But, when you’re moving ahead with the cleaning process, you must avoid nails or scrubbers to come in close contact with the plate. Scrubbers or nails can create scratches on the surface and will affect the appearance of the plates.


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