DEGIRO Review 2022: Pros, Cons and Key Features


On September 23, 2013, DEGIRO started offering trading services in the Netherlands to give ordinary investors access to international stock exchanges. Additionally, the business partnered with flatex in 2020 after that company bought a 100% stake while keeping the DEGIRO name.

The inclusion of flatex DEGIRO in the SDAX at the end of 2020 elevated it to one of Germany’s 160 most valuable publicly traded companies.


Usability: The DEGIRO team spent a lot of time and effort creating a user-friendly system.

Create an online account: If you submit them all the required documentation (such as your ID and a copy of the order) and instantly link your account (for example, by making a bank transfer starting at $100), you can open an account online in hours.

A selection of markets and securities: You can invest through DEGIRO in stocks, ETFs, stocks, options, bonds, futures, and more from various European and Asian countries and the US, Canada, and Australia.

Well-designed: This trading platform is simple to use. Finding the item, you’re looking for and navigating the various markets are simple.

Low fees: This is one of the best brokers that offers its clients the most affordable prices. If you invest more than $ 1,000, you may be able to support once per month in select ETFs commission-free.

Because the Dutch Financial Supervision Authority officially regulates DEGIRO, you may be sure it is not a financial scam. Additionally, it has an appropriate Financial Conduct Authority accreditation.

Possible leverage You can decide whether to open an account that enables you to trade with or without leverage (by borrowing). This flexibility is excellent. Not every arrangement permits force.


No investment in foreign exchange, contracts for difference, or cryptocurrency is allowed. You can look for a product that invests in these products. CFD investments are also not permitted.

No demo account: Even though using their site is free (there is no inactivity fee), they do not have a demo version, so you cannot imitate using false money. If you want to use a demo account, check out etoro, XTB, or Plus500.

Market costs for connections: You’ll pay an annual fee of €2.50 for each market you invest in apart from your own.

The prices 15 minutes behind market value can be found at DEGIRO’s broker. A yearly charge would be required if you required live prices.

Fractional stocks: DEGIRO does not provide them. Users who want to make minimal investments may need to search elsewhere.

Key Features

·         Because of its user-friendly interface, all you need to use DEGIRO is a laptop and a browser.

·         The system is simple to use, and the main menu makes navigation simple. The application can be downloaded in addition to English in other languages like German, Spanish, French, and Italian. You’ll have to use the online version since there isn’t a desktop application you may install on your PC (with a browser).

·         Although other brokers provide slightly more customization possibilities, DEGIRO’s charts are outdated.

·         About twenty technical indicators, such as standard deviation, can be added before comparing the chart to other hands. The charts can be saved for future use.

·         Although DEGIRO doesn’t have many tutorials available for you to watch and learn from, the ones they do have are excellent and helpful. They have three or four-minute lengthy videos on their YouTube channel.

·         Since they don’t have a text message notification capability, you can get confirmation alerts via email.

·          Unfortunately, there are no volume or price notifications either.

·         DEGIRO is one of the best paper trading platform has a broad selection of investment opportunities, a well-thought-out platform, and affordable fees. You can be sure it is legal because it is also overseen by the German BaFin and approved by the British FCA.


DEGIRO is the best paper trading platform gives you access to a wide range of trading platforms, markets, and currencies. Cryptocurrencies and FX trading are a few of the services you can lose out on because they are not offered by this Dutch broker.

They do have a news feed, but it’s really simple. I’d prefer if they made a little more of an effort in this area.


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