Benefits of New Doors

New Doors

Energy Efficiency

When looking at a thermal image of a home, the doors and windows are where most of the largest amount of heat is lost. This is why quality custom windows and doors are critical to the value and efficiency of your home. Over time, new doors have implemented a variety of insulation features that can help maintain the temperature of a home and decrease energy costs. In some extreme cases, the costs for the installation of a new door has been recouped quickly.

Curb Appeal

New doors are not only functional, they look great! Modern craftsmanship and design innovations ensure that no what your personal preference is a new door model can perfectly exemplify it. With the option to utilize wood, fiberglass and decorative glass, you will never be short of options to help beautify your home and increase curb appeal.

Return on Investment

New doors retain an excellent return on investment once installed. On average, homeowners have found that by replacing a pre-existing entry door nearly 97% of the monetary investment can be recouped during the resale of a home. Add these financial gains to the saved energy costs and the new door is essentially paying for itself.

Increased Security

The home contains the most important things in life including family and valuable items. When a garage door becomes dated and begins to wear down, the likelihood of previous security features holding up becomes slim. Old doors are more prone to forced entry due to the lack of security features found in newer entry door models.


Older wooden door models are susceptible to warping and weathering effects like chipping and bubbling. Modern steel and fiberglass doors can expertly recreate the wooden look while removing the problems that are commonly seen with it. Wood doors will often require preventative maintenance, as well as repainting, while fiberglass doors utilize an oil based paint to repel weather damage.

What are the benefits of installing a storm door?

Which home improvement product can help you save money on your home energy bills and keep your family safer at the same time? If you said storm doors, then you’re exactly right.

A storm door is an exterior aluminum, wood, fiberglass, or vinyl-framed door with a glass panel, which is mounted in front of your main door. It provides an extra layer of protection against drafts, inclement weather and insects. It also helps reduce the maintenance that may need to be done on your main door.

Added Security

Storm and draft protection may be the primary purpose of the storm door, but these doors are also an excellent means of augmenting your home security. Not only to the add an extra layer to your main entry point, but they can help to slow any pets or children who may be prone to charging out the front door whenever it opens.

Improved Ventilation

Since most storm doors are both lockable and fitted with retractable screens, you’ll be able to ventilate your home more efficiently than with windows alone.

Storm Door Options

There are typically three layers of material used to construct your average storm door: the front face, insulation layer, and backer. Different frames styles can allow for a full or partial view through the storm door, while some storm doors are fitted with retractable screens.

If you’re concerned that adding a storm door may detract from your home’s curb appeal, you’ll be relieved to learn that there are several different ways that you can customize your door to fit in seamlessly with your home’s exterior.

Both vinyl and aluminum storm doors are typically available in several attractive colours, allowing them to blend right into your home’s exterior trim if desired. Additionally, one of the benefits of aluminum storm doors is that certain manufacturers provide the option of having them painted in a number of custom colours.

Further customize the look of your storm door by selecting hardware in finishes such as brass, nickel, white, and black.

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