A Guide for Beginner Nail Artists


Social media influencers are always seen flaunting their intricately designed nail arts that look mesmerising, to say the least. And those who are looking to learn how to do it get overwhelmed after viewing all complex designs and artworks online. But don’t worry about that! This beginners guide will highlight the things to start with and how one can buy nail supplies online and start their journey!

Like all great things in life, mastering nail art requires discipline and patience, and individuals should be well versed in identifying the quality of the products used. Plus, there’s a need for imagination and creativity and some out-of-the-box thinking skills. But don’t get confused, as these will develop more with the time invested in learning the art of painting nails. So, dive in:

Start by Taking Online Art Classes

This might come off as mundane, but there’s no better way to get up to speed regarding the hundreds of products out there in the markets that nail artists use. So, start by enrolling in online beauty courses and build up from there. This way, individuals can get a basic idea of what captures the attention of prospective customers and possible clients. Without a strong foundation in art, it’s hard to progress further.

Be Open to New Ideas

Always be up-to-date with the latest trends circulating in social media. And make sure to understand that the money will always be where the trends lie. So, grab a copy of magazines, illustrations and other samples and expand on these works. Learn from other people who follow the same passion and try to implement their strategies but don’t copy them outright.

Get Acquainted With the Work

Buy A set of nail supplies online and get to work. And to help you with that, here’s a checklist of all the must-have essentials in every nail artist’s arsenal:

  • Short brushes, long brush with pointy tips to create thin sharp designs on the nail and large brushes for cleaning the cuticles.
  • A buffer to remove any stains after painting.
  • A pusher and a remover for shaping the cuticles and to keep up with the routine care.
  • Tools for dotting include embellishments like stickers, striping tapes and pens and stamps specifically designed for the nails.
  • Polish remover.
  • A set of base coats and topcoats.

It’s not easy to incorporate the different styles of art and painting techniques used, so start with light work and build to better designs and complex art styles. Also, attend workshops, keep progressing with the skills online and try to mimic styles with near accuracy. Don’t be discouraged with the rough start but trust that in time, it’ll get better.

Showcase the Work

Social media is the best platform to display one’s achievements in nail art. And for more exposure, try attending charities and voluntary groups and offer to paint nails for free. Not only is it the best advertising strategy, but if the art is good enough, people will follow for more. Meanwhile, it’s easy to get drowned in the negative criticism at first, but that’s all part of the journey. So, keep an eye out for judgment but always keep the positive feedback at heart for encouragement. 

Remember, learning to be a skilled nail artist takes determination, but above all, you must love the work. This is a journey, not a destination or a milestone, so be open to learning opportunities at all times.


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