6 Reasons High-Pressure Laminates Wall Cladding is the Best Solution for Hospitals

6 Reasons High-Pressure Laminates Wall Cladding is the Best Solution for Hospitals

High-pressure laminate wall cladding has been increasingly popular for years now for the enormous advantages it offers. Apart from being easy to install, laminate sheets cost much less than wood, stones, bricks, ceramics, metals, and any other material used for wall surfacing. Over the years, they have become one of the choicest surfacing solutions even in commercial establishments, let alone living spaces. Laminate wall cladding is finding extensive applications in restaurants, offices, retail outlets, and just about any construction that needs elegance and extravagance.

Hospitals are no exception either. Laminates can give walls a complete makeover in the least possible time, with aesthetics and durability in place. Choosing them for hospitals will be worthy of each penny spent. In this blog, we will be discussing six apparent reasons high-pressure laminate wall cladding is the best solution for hospitals. Here, we go without further ado.

  1. A cost-effective surfacing solution

No other surfacing material could be as pocket-friendly as laminate sheets are. In hospitals, a substantial wall area needs to be covered, and using wood and stone wall cladding here can cost an arm and a leg. The application of these surfacing materials also includes loading, unloading, and transportation charges, which increases the total project cost.

Laminates are by far the most economical solutions for the wall cladding of any property. Despite being pocket-friendly, they offer durability and the feel of extravagance.

  1. Ease of installation

Apart from being budget-friendly, high-pressure laminates are easy to install as well. For projects requiring speedy constructions, they can be a great solution. Choosing them for hospital walls can save you a great deal of time and labour needed for installation. With laminate sheets, a month of work is possible in a matter of days without spending much on labour. They do not also take much time to get installed.

The easy and quick installation makes laminates preferable to wood, stone, aluminium, bricks, and other cladding materials available in the market today. When projecting renovation and remodelling, high pressure laminate is the first surfacing material that hits designers’ and architects’ minds.

  1. Low maintenance

With materials like stones and wood, timely maintenance is an evident fuss and is an added cost to pocket. It is, however, not the case with laminate wall cladding, irrespective of which laminate manufacturer in India you have chosen.

Once installed, laminates do not require any maintenance cost. Cleaning them is also very simple. With just a piece of cloth, the cleaning job gets done. You do not either need any specific cleaner to perform cleaning. Install them once and forget about reinstallation for years to come.

  1. Long-lasting shine

Laminate wall cladding promises to keep shining for years after installation. They will be shining the way they are today without costing anything as maintenance charges. The smooth finish and glossy surface keep dirt away. If dust settles, only a piece of dried cloth is sufficient to get the cleaning job done. Also, you can wash them with water. No polish or chemical compound is required to maintain their sheen, as with plywood and stones.

Apart from this, they are resistant to moisture, heat, water, stains, and scratches. These properties keep the shine intact even in harsh weather conditions and varying temperatures.

  1. Countless design, pattern, and colour options

Laminate wall cladding can be of any style and design you may imagine. It can resemble just about any real-world material, such as wood, stones, metals, marble, granite, and so much more. With the right blend of colours, textures, and patterns, you can let walls complement the interior design.

Laminate manufacturers in India offer an exclusive range of laminate sheets, which might vary in colours, textures, shades, patterns, and styles. You can use them in combinations to adorn different areas of the property to make it all look like the place you want. With them in place, you can portray any design that tickles your fancy and reflects your style. If you want some more premium collections, look for the best laminate brand in India.

  1. Versatility

Versatility is one of many features that make laminate sheets the best solution to any surfacing need you may have in homes or commercial establishments. They help maintain hygiene, which is a requisite in places like hospitals. Since they have a smooth, glossy surface, dirt and germs have no chance to flourish.

Laminates are versatile and can apply to all types and styles of properties. Moreover, they keep you abreast of the current market trends. They set no limit to your designer and creative instinct and enable you to attain the finish you visualized.

Wrap up

Whether you choose decorative laminates, high-pressure laminates, digital laminates, or any other for the walls of a hospital, investing in them brings you high performance and value for money. They will leave you worry-free for years and decades if cared for and maintained well.


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