Wooden Flooring – An Environmentally Friendly Option for Your Home


What’s so significant about a goat’s head? “

The wooden floor includes various pieces, as well as cups such as hardwood floors. Laminate is made of wood, but it is a composite product among other things. The surface of the grains on the surface is skillfully designed with photographic images.

Solid outdoor wooden flooring – usually in the form of boards, only with wood. The most popular tree species for this are cherries, oaks and walnuts. The most difficult choice is acacia or bamboo, which, although rich in grass, looks like a tree.

The technical floor is hardwood, but beneath the hardwood floor soft wood like pine is used.


Unlike man-made materials, wood grows on its own, and unlike sheep’s wool, which emits carbon dioxide, trees use carbon gas as they grow. In the life of a wooden deck; There is plenty of time for newly planted trees to grow and replace the trees you use for land. All of this makes the wooden floor incredibly durable, as well as a beautiful addition to your home.


Solid wood flooring – to keep both laminate and carpet truly environmentally friendly.

Carbon closure – Carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere after burning wood, which contributes to greenhouse gases and global warming. However, your hardwood flooring is covered with carbon, so it cannot enter carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. For each tree you use in your yard, new trees will be planted, and these trees will starve to death for carbon dioxide, which will be absorbed from the air and help to grow new trees. An average piece of wood contains 170 kilograms of carbon, which when converted into 630 kilograms of carbon gas.

Less production and transport 

Well-preserved wooden floors can last a lifetime and, unlike carpets, often improve with age. During this time the carpet can be changed 4 times or more. Reduces emissions from transport and production. The average carbon footprint of the floor is 20 kg – a simple 630 kg, which prevents your floor from reaching the atmosphere.

Save Electricity – Think about how many times you need to vacuum the rug every time you use electricity. Then think Flooringdubai of how easy it is to shake a wooden floor without electricity. This is environmentally friendly and reduces electricity. You can moisturize the wood floor, but it does not require harsh chemicals, and it is enough to wash the environment with clean water to remove the dirt.

Incredible but true, laminated wood floors have been the best choice in Europe for the last three decades and are becoming more and more popular in India, and the people of India have also been encouraging it for the last half year, with Wood Floors being popular in Europe. Because where it is used. Renovation of the old room In India, it is mainly used to renovate old buildings.

The main reason why it is so popular all over the world is that it is one of the easiest floors to decorate a house or put it in a new place. Professionals are not needed, this can be done by the owner himself by installing a weapon. Water is a big problem in India, but it is easy to repair this first floor, and the Indians are very attracted to this first floor as it can use waterproof adhesives for rainy lands.

In the past, wood was not laminated, now it is made of fiberglass, lamination is a long technical process. An important part of this process is that it is made of vintage wood, so the cost of materials is as low as we think, the cost of the final product is also low, and everyone can get it easily.


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