Why You Should Be Sleeping With A Body Pillow?

Why You Should Be Sleeping With A Body Pillow

A body pillow, also called a dakimakura (literally hugging pillow) in Japanese, is a large pillow designed to resemble or mimic the shape of the human form, and to be used while sleeping or cuddling (or both). Dakimakura are most commonly shaped as bodies with faces, but they can also be in other forms such as a regular pillow, animal shapes or human legs only. There are also cases where dakimakura covers feature pop culture characters such as anime or video game characters or even famous people.

What Is A Body Pillow?

For those who sleep on their side or stomach, a body pillow is a great tool for helping to keep your spine straight and in alignment. They’re also a good option if you suffer from any type of pain in your lower back, hips, neck or shoulders. As we age and begin to lose our natural ability to align our muscles, especially while we sleep (which can lead to stiffness and soreness), it helps to use pillows that support your body in all sorts of ways. But beyond using them as tools for pain relief, they are also excellent supports for anyone who wants a more restful night’s sleep. Your head will be cradled naturally and your neck will be properly aligned with your spine.

When Do You Need It Most?

Choosing a pillow is all about thinking about your sleep habits and needs. If you are a side-sleeper who tosses and turns through the night, you’ll want something extra-soft but firm. Side sleepers tend to move around a lot when they sleep so if you don’t have enough support for your neck, shoulder, or arm – it will wake up to tell you! If you sleep on your stomach, then looking for softness that conforms to your shape is important. The standard advice for stomach-sleepers used to be no pillow at all. Today, however, many people find comfort in having some kind of pillow under their belly. What matters most is what feels right for you. And one final tip: whatever type of sleeper you are, try not to fall asleep with any pillows between your knees or legs as it could cause pain in your hips and back in the morning.

The Benefits Of Sleeping With A Body Pillow

There are plenty of pillows out there, but not many can top a body pillow. These types of pillows come with so many benefits and help make your sleeping experience better overall. Here are a few reasons why you should be sleeping with a body pillow if you aren’t already. See how much better your night’s sleep can be! 

1. Back Pain Relief – Many people suffer from back pain during their lifetime, especially those who have had an injury or accident that causes back pain to flare up occasionally. While it may be difficult to avoid some back pain, it is possible to reduce stress on your spine while resting at night by using a body pillow to support your lower back as well as other areas of discomfort like shoulders or hips. 

2. Head And Neck Support – It’s easy for head and neck alignment to become skewed during sleep since we spend about one-third of our lives doing just that! One way you can prevent your head from tilting forward while you rest is by placing a body pillow between your knees. This will keep your spine aligned as well as reduce back pain, shoulder pain, and hip discomfort in addition to providing relief for snoring issues. 

3. Better Sleep Quality – Not only does using a body pillow help support your spine throughout the night, but it also helps provide better overall comfort so you get more out of every night’s restful sleep. 

4. Get Better Zzzz’s with Dakimakura Pillows: Did you know that sleeping with a body pillow can actually improve how much deep sleep you get at night?

Deciding Which Body Pillow To Buy – Materials, Size And Shape

One of your first considerations when deciding which body pillow to buy will be what material to get. In general, body pillows are made with either cotton or synthetic fillings, such as memory foam. Cotton tends to be less expensive and also less durable than its synthetic counterparts; however, if you prefer a softer feeling pillow, cotton is likely a better choice for you. Another key decision in choosing a pillow is what size you need. Body pillows come in all shapes and sizes – some long and lean (great for back sleepers), some short and thick (ideal for side sleepers). Your height is also an important factor here: Taller folks will likely need longer pillows while shorter individuals might be fine with shorter ones. Finally, you’ll want to decide whether or not you want a specific shape. Many body pillows are designed specifically for certain sleeping positions (i.e., side-sleepers) but others can be used no matter how you like to sleep. When choosing a shape, think about whether or not there are certain parts of your body that need extra support during sleep—if so, consider getting one that matches those needs. For example, someone who sleeps on their stomach may benefit from having arm supports on their pillow so they don’t have to strain their neck and shoulders too much during slumber. Also keep in mind that different people have different preferences when it comes to comfort—if one pillow doesn’t feel right at first try another!

Faqs About Using Body Pillows

Q: Will a body pillow increase my height? A: No, it will not make you taller. Q: Will it improve my posture and help relieve back pain? A: Again, no. It is unlikely to have any effect on your posture or back pain in either way. Q: Can I use it as a seat cushion? A: Yes! If you’re watching TV, reading a book or just chilling out at home then yes you can use it as an extra seat cushion. Q: Is there anything else I should know about using body pillows? A: Just remember that if you don’t like sleeping with something under your head while lying down then maybe it’s not for you. Or try using one of those small throw pillows instead – they may be more comfortable for some people than having something so big under their heads all night long!


Sleep is essential to good health and we spend over a third of our lives asleep, yet many of us aren’t getting enough. According to Gallup research published in Sleep, Work and Health, 1 in 4 Americans are sleep deprived. One night or two of bad sleep may not cause any obvious problems for most people but on an ongoing basis it can lead to a number of symptoms including fatigue, irritability and increased stress levels which can impact your ability to cope with everyday life. Incorporating a body pillow into your sleeping routine can be a simple step towards improving quality of life by helping you get some better rest during those precious hours when you aren’t awake!


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